Top 10 Log Home Builders #3: Rustic Hybrid

Top 10 Log Home Builders #3: Rustic Hybrid

There is no limit to the number of log cabin homes out there that have the power to leave many speechless, I don't know what it is, but some log cabins are built above and beyond what you think is possible. The photo on this "Top 10 Log Home Builders #3: Rustic Hybrid," has that wow factor, you can't look at it without wanting to visit it, or know more about it and its builder.The Yellowstone Club is a private residential 13,600 acre private community set in the Rocky Mountains. Its mountain living, year round recreation, private ski and golf community, and hiking set in a beautiful spot with beautiful views year round. The log house in the photo is spectacular with wood, logs, stone hardscaping surrounds the place with some landscaping that fits right in with the home, natural stone throughout the ground floor and fireplace, surrounded by mountain landscapes. It's no wonder this place makes the top ten list.

Growing up I had the privilege of going to my family's log cabin, the cabin built by my grandfather, was a simple log two room cabin. One room was for sleeping with bunks and beds, while the other was the living and cooking space with wood stove, couch, table and chairs, stove and fridge. It was a place that we spent every summer at fishing, boating, water skiing, exploring and swimming. The place the log cabin was located, could be considered just as special, as it was on an island that could only be accessed by boat, on a lake that could only be driven to with a four wheel drive as the road was full of rock cuts, washed out areas and mud. It was here my family made many memories, told many stories and enjoyed ourselves each year.Log cabins have been around for thousands of years, they started out as simple structures built easily with the trees on the property where you were going to live. Log cabins have roots in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe and can be found in many locations throughout the world. What started out as simple structures have turned into magnificent homes whether they be rustic in design or modern ski lodges set atop the mountain, the log home will always be a favorite type of dwelling.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to "The Yellowstone Club."

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