Top 10 Coolest Cheapest Tiny Houses

Top 10 Coolest Cheapest Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses. They may be tiny, but they are mighty fascinating. Tiny houses are built for a variety of reason and in so many ways. We find very simple to the very elaborate structures showing up in images on the internet.

These tiny houses on wheels offer an alternative lifestyle for those are looking for a change in conventional housing.

You can make it a full on lifestyle or you can build a tiny house that becomes your home away from home.

Did you realize that at this point in time (and who knows how long this ruling will last!) for the most part, if your tiny home is on wheels you can avoid building department fees and regulations.

There is a small house society set up where information is shared about tiny houses. The mission of the society is their "desire to support the research, development, and use of smaller living spaces that foster living for individuals, family and communities worldwide". Kudo's to them!

This exciting lifestyle offers benefits that some will view as the perfect solution to their lives, and others will not be able to see themselves following. One of the main things about this lifestyle is that smaller spaces equal fewer possessions, lower utility bills and lower consumption of all the 'stuff' out there that our society lives with. Smaller houses also cost less, and you can build them utilizing natural high-quality materials that a massive home would just be too expensive to consider. These healthy materials also equal a healthier environment.

So what exactly defines a small house? It appears that there is no exact size that constitutes a small house, and space considerations for the builders of these homes likely determine according to how many are going to live there. Tiny house though have been placed in a category of having 500 square feet or less.

There are so many spectacular ideas that will fuel your imagination.

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