Top 10 Cheapest & Amazing Little Log Cabins you Can Build Yourself

Top 10 Cheapest & Amazing Little Log Cabins you Can Build Yourself

Yes, you can build your log cabin, even if do not have any experience. It is a big and daunting undertaking and there are many things that you will need to know before and during the process. The Log Home Builders Association is a non-profit educational association that you may want to research before you start your project.

This company offers two-day courses on the Butt and Pass method of building that is well suited to want to be builders with little to no experience.

Here are some of the pro's and con's of using the Butt and Pass method they are endorsing.

Natural logs are used that have not been milled or manufactured which makes them less expensive.

You build the home right on your property. There is zero notch work and that what you are paying for when you purchase a ready-made log home.

This method does not settle, so you avoid the need to make allowances for keyways, screw jacks, and slip joints which are all more complicated to install, easy to make a mistake on and hard to fix.

This method of building is stronger and easily will outlast other types of log cabins as they are more naturally resistant to water damage.

There have been members that have built to code cabins for $7,500.

The average person after taking the class will learn everything required to build a Butt and Pass log home, without buying a kit or hiring a builder.

So perhaps you may want to consider paying a fee which is a fraction of purchasing a log cabin kit, take the 2-day log home course which is offered in Las Vegas, USA and learn all you need to know.

Please visit the 'Log Home Builders Association' website below for full details and photos of even more than ten little log cabins you also can build yourself.

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