Toms Tree House

Toms Tree House

There's something about tree houses that just bring me back to childhood, a time when my brother and I were lucky to spend summers in a treehouse that we built ourselves. You'll want to see "Toms Tree House" at Camp Wandawega, located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, a tiny house with lots of character.

Tree houses seem to capture the imaginations of young and old alike, there's something about them that inspires us, and evokes our imaginations. This beautiful treehouse at Camp Wandawega is a treehouse that Tom built. Wrapped around an old elm tree, the house has three stories to include a ground open deck where you can dine or spend an afternoon daydreaming in the hammock or just swinging away on the tree swing, a second floor with a common area with a small library, and a cozy loft bedroom nestled on the very top attic floor. This treehouse really is the perfect tiny house. Camp Wandawega has quite the history, these grounds have hosted everyone from sinners to saints with too many stories to tell. In 1925 Chicagoans seek to capitalize on the opportunity presented by Prohibition build the Wandawega Hotel. In 1928 the hotel is outfitted for the distribution of liquor, prostitution and gambling. The hotel has multiple exits, trapdoors and hidden hatches to conceal stockpiles. After a Federal raid in 1931, the place is temporarily shuttered by a "Prohibition Padlock." There are so many more stories to tell.

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