Tiny Wooden House

Tiny Wooden House

Who says that your log cabin has to be grand or spectacular in size to be wonderful and livable? Sometimes the best things come in small packages, and this tiny wooden house is an absolute gem.

With it's clever and well thought out design, it includes enough room for all of the essentials, including a hot tub! This one bedroom, one bathroom cozy little wooden cabin was constructed on the rolling plains of England.

With outdoor stove, full kitchen and space for three bunk beds plus a standard bed, it can sleep more then you think! Head on over to Good Home Designs for more photos and information about this charming little cottage. You won't regret the visit.

We live, all of us, in sprung rhythm. Even in cities, folk stir without knowing it to the surge in the blood that is the surge and urgency of season. In being born, we have taken seisin of the natural world, and as ever, it is the land which owns us, not we, the land. Even in the countryside, we dwell suspended between the rhythms of earth and season, weather and sky, and those imposed by metropolitan clocks, at home and abroad.

When does the year begin? No; ask rather, When does it not? For us all of us as much as for Mr Eliot, midwinter spring is its own season; for all of us, if we but see it, our world is as full of time-coulisses as was Thomas Manns.

Countrymen know this, with the instinct they share with their beasts. Writers want to know it also, and to articulate what the countryman knows and cannot, perhaps, express to those who sense but do not know, immured in sad conurbations, rootless amidst Betjemans frightful vision of soot and stone, workers flats and communal canteens, where it is the boast of pride that a man doesnt let the grass grow under his feet.

As both countryman and writer, I have a curious relationship to time.

― G.M.W. Wemyss

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