Tiny Washer And Dryer for your Tiny Home

Tiny Washer And Dryer for your Tiny Home

How much space do you REALLY need to wash your clothes? I guess this (like all things in life) is dependent on your individual unique situation in life. How many kids do you have, what kind of job do you have, how many clothes do you have? If you are like many young people nowadays you may be considering the idea of downsizing way before you upsize. The trick to having a smaller washer and dryer is easy - you only wash what is necessary (like actually dirty!), and you wash more frequently. Rather than waiting for a full 2 weeks to do your laundry, you do small loads more frequently.

When you make this decision to branch into the smaller appliance world you will find, like anything material, there are many many options. This makes it both fun and overwhelming. They key here is to find something that will last, because there is nothing worse that having a broken washing machine or dryer and having to replace it. They are a nuisance to move around, even the small ones.

Most people looking at units like this are also looking at other smaller living ideas and off grid options to simplify their lives. When it comes to tiny home living, there is an absolutely necessity to save space. This means taking the time to really research your options and plan ahead before you start building your living space. As they say, a little bit of research goes a long way and is worth the effort that it takes.

So this being said, here is a link to some ideas to start your browsing for tiny washers and dryers. Visit the link below to the 'Memories Flonda' website.

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