Tiny Pink House Must See Interior

Tiny Pink House Must See Interior

Have a look at this sweet Tiny Pink House you must see the interior! This tiny pink house is the Poco edition tiny house on wheels, from Tiny Living Homes out of Delta, British Columbia in Canada. Featured on Tiny House Living's website, the tiny house shows great promise of being one of the better designs out there. This is a little house that packs a lot of quality living space inside, with a very well thought out floor plan. The 18-foot tiny house floor plan includes all of the essentials needed in a home. The grand double doors with full paned glass, open up to the small home, right into the living room area with a view of the kitchen. The living room area has a small futon in it, perfect for lounging or for sleeping guests when they come to stay the night.

A fold down table accommodates dining with up to three people and folds away when it is not in use to create more usable space. The table could also be used as a desk space for a home office. The loft on top of the living room area is perfect for storage space, or for plants, and a ladder allows access to the loft and could hang on the wall for storage when not in use. The kitchen is a small space, but everything that is needed is fit perfectly into the space. A sink, a mini refrigerator, and enough space on the counter to put a small convection oven and a cook top stove. The tiny house kitchen also has lots of cupboard space to store all of the necessary items for cooking and baking. Two small windows are perfect for bringing in some nice views of outside, and giving some natural light, as well as air flow into the kitchen.

The bathroom is designed equally well, with a 30 by 30-inch shower and a nice window to look outside while enjoying a shower. The sink is a perfectly small fixture for the space, and the option of a traditional toilet hooked up to plumbing or a more efficient competing toilet. One of the great features of this tiny house, is that it has a rather large closet space for a tiny house. Enough room to hang up clothes and store shoes and other items. Shelves could even be installed into the closet for more storage too. The sleeping loft has enough room for a double or queen sized bed and is also accessed by a ladder. There is also a nice little window up there for ventilation and for light as well. Lights are installed up there too for reading.

The house has been designed and built by Tiny Living Homes, and they will also deliver the finished product to clients, within a reasonable distance. All of their tiny houses, including the Poco Edition, are built upon strong and solid trailers with 10,000-12,000 pound weight tolerance. As well as electric brakes that work with the brakes of the vehicle towing the tiny house. The trailer of a tiny house is so important because it is the foundation of the house. So it's crucial to have a good quality trailer that will be able to handle the weight of a house and its contents. All of their tiny houses are built within the legal limitations, which is 8 feet 6inches wide and 13 feet 6 inches tall. Even though this Poco Edition tiny house is shown in the colour pink, it can come in any colour the customer chooses. On their website, you can see that one of them is blue with orange doors. Purchasing this tiny house pre-made would cost around $38, 500. Check out more photos on Tiny House Living!

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