Tiny Log Cabin with Must SEE INTERIOR that Feels Bigger then you Would Think

Tiny Log Cabin with Must SEE INTERIOR that Feels Bigger then you Would Think

A very talented architect designed an enchanting tiny house dubbed as The Totems. The man behind this mystical space is Architect Henry Yorke Mann. He made it specifically for clientele who requested that he create a guesthouse on a densely wooded 10-acre land that can be found in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

The inspiration behind this house came from the design of the traditional plank houses by the Haida and other tribes known to reside in the northern part of the Pacific Coast. The Totems has a rectangular floor plan that comes with a fireplace found at the center area of the living room. Its roof and its sidewalls have a number of long beams attached to them, as they stretch the length of the cabin.

The effect of the sidewall beams that are on the roof is to make it look as if it's floating over the log walls underneath it. He used some 12x 12 cedar timbers that have dovetailed corners, so it appears classy and elegant when strips of glass were also inserted between the beams and the walls. The arrangement of the doors and windows on the cedar posts of this house makes it look even more enchanting. Anyone who lives here wont help but feel spiritual and have that intimacy with nature.

With a footprint of 400 ft2, this small cabin has the granite fireplace in the middle of the house to act as a divider between the dining and the living room. You will find a staircase at the back of the fireplace, leading to a sleeping area that has a gorgeous view of the night sky and its all due to the skylights that was created on the ridge of this cabin.

Still want to know more about The Totems features? Visit the website Small House Bliss below for all the other details.

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