Tiny Log Cabin Kit from $2,357 View Photo Gallery

Tiny Log Cabin Kit from $2,357 View Photo Gallery

A tiny log cabin is sometimes all you need, check out this awesome Tiny Log Cabin Kit from $2,357 View Photo Gallery on Little Cabin Company. If you have always wanted a log build structure, but haven't been able to afford one because of the high prices of logs, this is your chance to have one of these beautiful structures. Who says it needs to be like one of those huge log mansions? Building a log shed, backyard studio or a second tiny home on your property could be just the way to implement the beautiful and natural look of logs into your home and garden space. Log home packages can be expensive there is no doubt about that, but why do they cost so much anyway? Well, the price of logs as a building material reflects the quality of the building material which is very high when it comes to logs and wood in general. We all know that when something is considered high quality, the prices tend to be higher to show this. Its all about supply and demand after all. Plus, all of the work it takes to obtain the logs and mill them, and even hand craft them. So now you can understand a little bit better why these logs are so valuable.

The little log structures you see on Little Cabin Company, are all built out of Siberian Pine logs, and they are all made with very high quality standards in place. They have so many awesome little log units to choose from on their easy to use website, there is truly something for pretty much everyone here. The Rowan Cabin is the log cabin we are looking at today and it is a fine example of a nice mid sized log cabin that could be used in a back yard or even on a recreational property. The Rowan log cabin is 4 meters wide by 3 meters deep which is great for an additional unit on a property. Most residential laws would not be able to approve a small structure like this to be a full time residence, but it is a great accessory structure for any preexisting house. Many people build these types of smaller log cabins on their property to use as a lounging and relaxing spot that is disconnected from their house, sometimes for the parents, sometimes for the kids. Some people use the slightly larger ones for home gyms so they can work out right in their own back yard or for a home office if they work at home. People also can use these little log units as a guest room for when people come to visit. So purchasing one of these log cabins is great if you don't want to build an add on to your existing home, but need or want an extra room.

The design of this sweet little cabin is very practical and simple, with clean lines and an appealing look. Its cute that there is even a little fence around the front portion of it to make it a little bit private. The little closed in patio looks lovely with a nice bistro set on it, perfect for early mornings and lunches outside. The door to the cabin has a nice large window pane in it, which helps to open up the cabin to the outdoors, making it feel larger within. The windows are both quite large too, letting in plenty of sunlight. The layout is quite spacious for the size of the log cabin, with enough room to store gardening supplies, a barbecue, a desk, a bookshelf and other things as they show in the photo. Check out this design and some of the other small log cabin designs on their website, they have everything from small storage sheds to full sized homes.

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