Tiny Log Cabin Kit from $13,507 View Photo Gallery

Tiny Log Cabin Kit from $13,507 View Photo Gallery

This "Tiny Log Cabin Kit from $13,507 View Photo Gallery" is just one of the many tiny houses that you will find on this amazing tiny house site. You've never seen so many tiny log cabin kits in your life as you will on this great site.

These adorable micro log cabin kits are great for use as a tiny home, or guest log cabin, or as an extra loft sleeping a place to sleep when you need to get away from the main house because you are working a late shift. On the site you will find prices that are for the Siberian Pine walls, that are available in different sizes of thickness, some having single walls and some having double walls for insulation. You can contact the customer service representatives at The Little Cabin Company, and they can give you a quote depending on the thickness of the walls and the type of construction the log cabin is. The tiny log cabins use insulation that is fitted between the walls, so they are nice and warm.

The tiny cabins are available in either laminated logs or Siberian Pine, and they come in different ranges of thickness. The tiny log cabins also have the option of having triangular styled windows in the apex; you will want to check if they are included in the price of the tiny log cabin you are interested. If not they can be purchased for a reasonable price. All the tiny log cabins are double glazed units and glazed with tilt. It is recommended to use the laminated log construction because they are a much stronger and longer lasting log.

The Little Cabin Company is a husband and wife team that are from the Forest of Dean. The couple distributes tiny log cabins; homes and log sheds right from the manufacturer that builds them. The wood used in the tiny log cabins is from a sustainable forest in Northern Europe and Russia. Siberian Pine grows quite slowly because of the cold in the region. So the wood has been harder wearing and has a close grain. The wood is kiln dried and later cut into shape to be made into the micro and tiny log cabins.

The tiny log cabins are made in Lithuania at one of the top manufacturers in the world. From there the tiny log cabins are brought to Essex where they are distributed from the warehouse in Essex, and from there distributed throughout the UK.

The great thing about these micro log cabins is that they are quite easy to put together yourself. You will most likely enjoy putting one of these micro log cabins together yourself. You could ask a couple of friends to help out with the project. All of the micro-log cabins are easy to build. You will want to make sure to keep the wood for your tiny log cabin dry and well ventilated when you get your kits, and make sure that you treat the wood as soon as you construct the tiny log cabin.

When it comes to building one of these tiny log cabin kits, you will want to make sure to get the base right, it is the most important step of them all. Be sure to have it dry, sturdy and level, the success of your tiny log cabin depends on it. You can even make your base before you tiny log cabin arrives so that you have the most important thing done before you start the rest of the log cabin. A concrete base is recommended as it is the simplest base to create. You will want to make sure the base is the same size as the log cabins footprint, and not very much larger than that, or water can sit on the surface of the concrete, and get underneath your tiny log cabin.

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