Tiny house movement. Why you need a tiny house too!

Tiny house movement. Why you need a tiny house too!

Tiny houses and small houses are more popular than ever before,with more and more people making the move into tiny house living with guest cottages, artist studios and full time living. The "Tiny house movement. Why you need a tiny house too!," is sure to inspire you to join in too.

The tiny house movement is all the rage, with people downsizing for a simpler, more affordable, and more sustainable way of life. Downsizing from a traditional larger house make you a master of organization, finding all sorts of ways to store your necessities, while making you reconsider the things you really don't need. What tiny homes might lack in size they are sure to make up for in creativity and charm.

Some of the tiny homes you will find on this site, are so adorable you can't help but want a tiny house of your own! The tiny tack house in Snohomish, Washington, is owned by Chris and Melissa Tack who are photographers, who left New York City for the beautiful landscape of Washington State, and now live in a 140 square foot tiny house, with 11 windows to provide natural light, and a gable roof with dormers, and sleeping loft. The brick house in San Francisco, California, is a tiny house guest apartment which was originally a laundry/boiler room for the larger house, but was converted into the 93 square foot guesthouse, with full kitchen, living room, dressing room, bathroom and bedroom, adorable. You'll want to take a look at the site, for more tiny homes, photos and how these people make tiny house living work for them, with their innovative organization solutions, tiny house floor plans and beautiful design ideas, it's no wonder that tiny houses are popping up everywhere.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "This Old House," website.

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