Tiny House in the Trees: 350 Sq. Ft. of Bliss

Tiny House in the Trees: 350 Sq. Ft. of Bliss

Log cabins are simple homes all made of logs. They are more rustic compared to log homes; they are smaller and are usually settled in the woods. When you look at them on different websites online, you can get more information on the difference between log homes and log cabins and how to make one.

Log cabins are considered to be long lasting symbols of American history. They are also massively popular in other parts of the globe such as in Sweden, Norway and Finland where trees with straight trunks are available. Although log cabins can be easily built by a family in a few days, it is also important to mention that it is only possible with the right equipments and tools. Whats better is that log cabins can be built any time of the year, regardless of the type of weather since constructing it doesnt involve chemical reactions.

Decorating Your Log Cabin

When you are starting to decorate your interior space, allow your imagination to take you to a snow storm in the middle of the woods while you are engulfed in a safe and warm cabin. Snow falling outside, theres a cozy blanket to wrap yourself up in your favourite couch while you are in front of a warm fireplace. These images will definitely inspire you to design a cabin with an atmosphere of a home.

Log cabins are always a perfect home for people who want to live under a durable, healthy and warm environment. They look beautifully rustic and simple. While people think these cabins have short-term value, they are actually sturdy, strong, enduring and look great from the inside out. It also increases the value of your investment outdoors!

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