Tiny House Built with Recycled Windows

Tiny House Built with Recycled Windows

Tiny houses and small houses are more popular than ever before, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. This "Tiny House Built with Recycled Windows" is a backyard tiny house that is now being used as a DIY greenhouse.

This backyard tiny house was built with recycled windows that were collected over a period of time, the tiny house is now being used as a greenhouse and workspace. The owners are able to grow their own peaches in Denmark where it's apparently impossible to do. The tiny house built with recycled windows has a nice rustic charm to it, and when you see the peaches the owners grew in it, you'll see that it was all worth while. I find it inspiring when people find new uses for recycled items, and what better way to make good use with old windows than in a greenhouse, and workspace where you can lots of great light all year long.

This site was created by Alex Pino in 2009 as a way to write about tiny houses and simple living while building his own 500 square foot apartment. Since then he's tried living out of his backpack and explored many tiny and small homes of all kinds. He created the tiny house talk website to share his passion for living smaller and being more purposeful with anyone who was also interested. This is a great place to explore and share inspiring simple living stories. This site spreads the message of freedom, peace and happiness through simple living.

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