Tiny House Built for Less Than $500

Tiny House Built for Less Than $500

We all want to find ways on how we could have our own house, but not spend too much on it. Times are hard these days, and it's only reasonable that we get are looking for economical that will serve our financial status best. There are many stories now that you can find online about people having success in building their own tiny houses without having to worry much about financing it. Everyone needs to have shelter; it is one of mankinds necessities to have a roof over your head. There is such a wide range of housing; some are so far beyond the reach of many individuals, so we always enjoy sharing stories of innovative people that make their homes for very little money.

If you are one of those people intrigued on how you could have a house for less, here is an article that might inspire you. We are featuring here a man named Scott and he is a proud owner of this 8x12 tiny woods located in the woods. You will see contentment on his face with the house he now owns because apparently, this is the biggest house he has lived in for years! He experienced living in a dome tent and also slept on his backpack. It is pretty intense what he has gone through. We have to salute him for taking this leap and not giving up on life. Instead, he thought of making things work him and his living situation.

His story is very inspiring and living in his 83 sq. ft. cabin is something that he is content with now. He had his friends help build and design his house and it all just cost him under $500 to finish it. If you are still thinking twice about owning and building your own tiny house, go ahead and read more about his story on the Tiny House Talks link below. You will find yourself inspired on how he turns a small space into a real cozy shelter.

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