Tiny Home you can build for under $5000

Tiny Home you can build for under $5000

More people are taking their lives back into their own hands and building their own Eco conscious homes! Here is an amazing Tiny Home you can build for under $5000! Simon Dale is doing exactly that, and he build his first hobbit home in the side of a hill in Wales for only $5000 US! This was also the first construction project he had ever done as well, and managed to finish it in 6 months and his family could live in it after only 4 months! Simon had the help of friends, and even some passers by that were interested in the project.

The oak he used was all from the forest surrounding the building site, so he was very resourceful in how he managed to build this amazing home. He also used reclaimed wood where he could and found some environmentally friendly flooring to use as well. The wiring and plumbing were also found materials, so he saved a lot of money on that. He also recycled windows, which saves a bunch of money since windows can be very expensive! He also used straw bales for insulation, which work really well in insulating the floor and the walls.

The house is so quaint and adorable, when you see the photos, you will feel like you have been transported into a little hobbit world where everything is built from the materials that come from nature. I love the windows, how they are arched and framed with natural tree branches, and the ceiling is just incredible! Simon and his family live very environmentally consciously and sustainably and want to show other people how to live closer to the land, and be sustainable themselves. He shows it is very possible with the right mindset and the intention to live in a conscious way with the Earth! Check out this awesome home, and watch the videos, with tours of the house and interviews! Just follow the link over to 'Tiny House Talk' for more by clicking on the link in the section below!

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