Tiny Alpine House Looks Small Outside and Feels Surprisingly Spacious Inside!

Tiny Alpine House Looks Small Outside and Feels Surprisingly Spacious Inside!

This spectacular two building alpine lodge completely wrapped in wood but with a modern look is an astonishing feat of construction. Concerns about its security in the Alps meant that windows and doors had to be especially secure, so designers made the windows small enough that a human body could not likely ever fit through it. Doors seal up completely, almost invisible to the eye from outside. Still, doors open up entire walls, and one wall is entirely windowed so that when occupants are in residence they can enjoy the outside view, which from the photos, is spectacular. This particular design has been constructed at about 5000 feet up in the Italian Alps, and so the views are sensational. The buildings make up about 1400 square feet. Since there are two buildings, one a housing area and the other a studio, work and pleasure can be kept separate from each other.

The interior of the main structure is entirely finished in light wood, an extraordinary thing to see. Strong contrasting colors of black, grey and red are the perfect complements to the light straw or honey color of the rest of the interior. And even though many of the windows are narrow, they are pleasing in design and let in a lot of light. Of course, there is a major window wall that also allows all the light in that you would need. The rest of the house is also custom designed and includes two bedrooms, a bathroom and functional kitchen.

This place is neat, tidy, and truly beautiful. Constructing a second building for work or studio purposes is especially smart, so people who can work from home still find the privacy they might need for focused and intense work. This home is worth taking a look at whether or not you ever intend to live in the Italian Alps. It can give you plenty to think about if you are hoping to build your own getaway some day. Check it out.

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