This Wood Cottage Is Cheaper Than You Think

This Wood Cottage Is Cheaper Than You Think

Looking at log cabin kits for sale online can be daunting. There are so many excellent log cabin designs and kits to choose from and many great companies out there too. Cabana Village has some beautiful log cabin kits for sale through their website including this compact 12 foot by 18-foot log cabin with a 9 foot by 18 foot enclosed space with a 3-foot porch. There is also a screen room that measures 9 feet by 12 feet with a 9 foot by 9 foot enclosed space and a 3-foot porch as well. The screen room has folding windows that can be folded up to allow the cool breeze to come through and to open up the space to the porch space. This would be a great log cabin for out on the lake or ocean, or even in the country or in the forest. You could finish it any way you like giving it your own style and personality by staining the wood to enrich the colour or painting it a beautiful solid colour. All of the log cabins from Cabana Village are made using cedar wood which is maintenance free, as well as cedar doors, windows and trim. Cedar is one of the most desirable types of wood for building because of its resiliency and beauty. It stands up really well to the weather and sun, it's also very mold resistant and pest resistant too.

All of the log cabin kits for sale through Cabana Village are very affordable and high quality. The pricing button on their website will lead you to all of the prices of the log cabins and all of the different options you can choose from. The prices will include the shipping to most states as well. Included in the price of the log cabin is the wood floor, pre-assembled walls, doors and windows as well as the instructions and hardware. Not included in the price are the shingles, the foundation of the cabin and the installation. You will have to have the foundation of the log cabin installed before you have the kit delivered and then you'll either build the log cabin kit yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you. They also have stock plans which are plans you can order and build precisely as they are in the drawings and log cabin designs. Custom log cabin designs are also available if you want something that's more tailored to your preferences.

You will also want to check in with your local government to see if your log cabin designs will be approved and if you need permits to build. In many states and in other countries you may not need a permit to build an accessory dwelling unit if it's under a certain number of square feet and it won't be used full-time. Most buildings above 400 square feet need permits to build though. If you have any questions, it's best to talk to someone at the city hall in your town or city to figure out what the local regulations and building codes are and see if these log cabin designs fit within them. This L-shaped log cabin kit costs $23,119 USD at the base price, panelized and delivered to your building site. You can also add more doors and windows for an extra price, and the stock plans are $231. The prices also won't include any furnishings or fixtures so you'll have to find all of the items you like and make a price list separate from the log cabin kit. Have a look at this and other great building plans from Cabana Village.***

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