This Stunning Interior Belongs to a 400 Sqft TINY HOME that Looks EVER BETTER from the Outside

This Stunning Interior Belongs to a 400 Sqft TINY HOME that Looks EVER BETTER from the Outside

If you love tiny houses, then you really need to have a good, long look at this photo gallery over at the West Coast Homes website. Really, can you believe it? This stunning interior belongs to a four hundred square foot tiny home that looks even better from the outside!

If youre anything like us, you simply adore anything and everything to do with tiny houses, especially photo galleries. This gorgeous little home has just about everything you would find in a larger one and much more. Imagine staying in this sweet, diminutive home, complete with a gorgeous view of the lake it resides on. Where exactly is it and how can we access it? Well, read on to find out!

This is actually a model home called the San Juan Park. It was built in 2014 by Mark Ouellett and it was especially crafted for the Wildwood Lakefront Cottages Resort. The Resort is located at Whatcom Lake in beautiful Washington State just thirty-five miles from British Columbias Lower Mainland and ninety miles north of Seattle, Washington. So, if you live in Vancouver, BC or Seattle, Washington, this is one area you might want to check out for a vacation home.

As we mentioned earlier, this lovely little cottage is only four hundred square feet, but what you didnt know is that it includes an additional 200 square foot loft space. We just love sleeping lofts and this one is extremely cozy. It is big enough for two rooms a wondrously comfortable bedroom and a playroom for the kids. And by the way, the play area also overlooks the living room and kitchen below so you can easily keep an eye on the youngsters as they play.

The San Juan Cottage also has a few really ingenious flexibility options! One of the downstairs rooms can easily be converted into a bedroom or a dining room, depending on what your needs are. Need room for one or two more to sleep? Then pull down the queen-sized Murphy bed and youre all set for the night. Need a table to eat your breakfast at? Then put away the bed and pull down the adorable little bistro table and youre ready for breakie, coffee, and a little newspaper reading. Need room to do your early morning yoga, meditation, or jumping jacks in? Then put away the table and the bed and youve got an empty room to do whatever your heart desires. Hows that for versatility?

Theres a main bedroom downstairs in the back of the cottage a perfect spot for mom and pop! There are ample windows in this little cottage, allowing for maximum light, and lets please not forget the gorgeous lake views outside. And speaking of which, lets step outside for a second, shall we?! The living area opens right up onto a sweet deck overlooking the lake. A second deck on the side of the cottage makes for a perfect barbecue and outdoor dining area. Theres even a ramp for easy wheelchair access in case you or your loved one needs it this is a place for everyone to enjoy!

Back inside, youll be happy to discover theres a delightful little rest room with a toilet, sink, and shower. And if you want to hang out in the living room area on a rainy day or cool evening, then you can sink back into the comfy couch and watch a few shows on the flat screen TV, feeling the warmth of the fireplace.

And on those really hot days, you can literally go and jump in the lake and take the whole family with you! This is a wonderful place for a family vacation, weekend getaway, or why not just move in all year long?

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