This Shows Exactly Why People Love Barn Homes so Much

This Shows Exactly Why People Love Barn Homes so Much

This 36x48 Great Plains Gambrel Barn Home is customized with 12-foot lean-tos, dormers, and a cupola. This Great Plains Gambrel Barn was designed and built by Sand Creek Post and Beam. This barn home kit can be used as a full-time residence, lake house, loft apartment, cabin, secondary home and combination barn and home. This barn home is rustic yet sophisticated. All of the barn kits you will find on the site are pre-manufactured, built to last generations and shipped as a kit. You can find this beautiful barn home in Montana.

This stunning barn home floor plan has an open great room/dining room/kitchen, with high ceilings on the main floor. Upstairs you have an open loft area and bedrooms. This barn home has scenic views of the surrounding mountains. This barn home could easily be used for full-time living, or as a vacation home to get away and relax. The surrounding property and scenic views make this location perfect for living in a barn home floor plan like this, with lots of country features, such as the decor and accessories.

Sand Creek Post and Beams manufacture some of the most beautiful barn home designs you will find. Their professional in-house design team offers true custom barn design capabilities for each of their barn home kits. The barn designs you will see on their site are inspired by several historic barn styles and use post and beam construction. Customers of Sand Creek Post and Beam's may choose from unlimited barn home design options to make their barn kit a one-of-a-kind build. The barns are built with post and beam construction, using massive timbers that form the load bearing frame of these simple and sturdy builds. Post and beam construction provides some of the most breathtaking barn interiors that feature the exposed posts and beams of the frame. Because the walls of the barn homes are not load bearing, they also provide the ultimate in design flexibility. You can find barn designs to include a charming garden shed to a large commercial building; they can design your barn kit to meet any local building code specifications.

Typically a barn is an agricultural building that is primarily located on farms and used for many purposes, most often for the storage of crops and housing of livestock. Barns may also be used for equipment storage, as a covered workplace area, and for farm activities such as threshing. The word barn can also be used to describe buildings that are used for things such as tobacco barns or dairy barns. Byre is a word that is used for one type of barn that is meant for keeping cattle. In the United States, older barns were often built from timbers that were hewn from trees on the farm and built as a log crib barn or a timber frame, although stone barns were also built in areas where stone was a cheaper material for building. In the mid to late 19th-century barn framing methods in the United States began to shift away from the traditional method of timber framing to plank framed or truss framed buildings. Truss or plank framed barns reduced the number of timbers used instead using dimensional lumber for the joists, rafters, and sometimes the trusses. More and more you are seeing people living in barn style homes that are custom built by company's like Sand Creek Post and Beam, available in a wide range of styles and designs to suit most any lifestyle and need.

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