This Shows Exactly What Log Cabin Living Is All About!

This Shows Exactly What Log Cabin Living Is All About!

You can't help but feel inspired when you see this photo of a small cabin on the waters edge. A man sits on the steps of a rustic log cabin, with lots of canoes in the foreground, it's an image that makes you want to be right where he is sitting in a small log cabin of your own. This photo was taken by Sean Litchfield, who took the photo of a friend when staying at the Gorman Chairback Lodge and cabins located in Greenville, Maine. The lodge and small cabins are in the Moosehead Lake Region. The property owned and operated by the Appalachian Mountain Club, is one of the nation's oldest outdoor recreation and conservation organizations.This particular log cabin is on the shore of the Long Pond and is surrounded by 66,000 acres of Appalachian Mountain Club owned conservation land. The pond has a narrow width that gives it wind protection, making it a nice spot to enjoy. You will come across moose, deer, beaver and otter while you are there. The log lodge offers activities for mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, dogsledding, paddling, wildlife viewing, and fishing for native brook trout, or just relaxing and enjoying the quiet beauty of the wilderness location.

The American Mountain Club (AMC) helps to promote the protection, understanding, and enjoyment of the forests, waters, trails and mountains of the Appalachian area. They believe that to be successful at conservation you need to have active engagement with the outdoors, so it encourages people to get out and appreciate the experience and learn about the natural world. The club has over 16,000 volunteers, 450 full-time and seasonal staff, and over 100,000 members, advocates and supporters. They also maintain over 1,500 miles of trails and help to get urban and at-risk kids outdoors.

The My Woodhome Cabin Living site is a great place to find lots of great stuff on log cabins. You will find all sort of small cabin stories, log cabin community, log cabin lifestyle, log cabin food and entertaining and dream log cabins. It's the best place to go if log cabin living is something you want to know more about. It's even just fun to go on the site and read some of the log cabin stories; they often tell a bit of history of an area or region, and they might remind you of a log cabin you once stayed at. On the site, you will find log cabin do it yourself ideas, log green cabin ideas, small cabin safety, and security, and log cabin maintenance. It's a great resource to use when you need to find something out. Some of the log cabins you will be able to take a look at including an open-air boathouse at Indian Point Camp, a remote log cabin built green, rustic little log cabins, and a cozy wilderness retreat located in northwestern Wisconsin.

Small cabins have been around for centuries, and they still appeal to us. A log cabin doesn't have to big fancy, or modern, rustic inspires us just as much. There is something that just makes us feel at home when we are in nature and able to enjoy a log cabin space. Part of it's the natural materials used, and the warmth of the wood and stone. The other part is being in a natural location that inspires you to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy some outdoor activities like boating, fishing, swimming, and skiing. The perfect combination to alway makes you feel like coming back, and a good start to making memories that you will always treasure.

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