This One Has 3 Bedrooms, a Fully Equipped Kitchen and a Huge Private Spa

This One Has 3 Bedrooms, a Fully Equipped Kitchen and a Huge Private Spa

Step inside this amazingly spectacular home. The home was designed for people who love medium size log cabins that don't spare on charm. The builder has done a fabulous job of executing such a traditional cabin feel with a natural vibe, and mixing it with a contemporary feel. The tall ceilings and open concept are such a beauty to marvel at.

The builder put in glass sky lights throughout the roof which makes for an amazing flow of light and would be beautiful to see the stars above at night. Apparently the couple moved out of their original larger home into this much smaller home. I don't blame them! What a gem of a home! I would definitely love to live here. Its very well planned out so that you have space for everything you need to put into a home. Plus the luxury of being right in nature, which is becoming more and more desirable to people as the years go on. Could you picture yourself living here? Once you see all the beautiful photos and how well everything is laid out, I think you will be contemplating possibly changing your permanent residence!

Many of us have thought about downsizing our homes at one time or another. But, maybe not to the extreme that a tiny house can take it. Sure a tiny house has its perks like less initial expense, lower maintenance costs, insurance and taxes, going green and potentially the freedom to easily move it to a new location. However, it also comes with a completely different lifestyle than what most American's are accustomed to.

Living in smaller spaces has become a trend in housing with numerous companies and websites that specifically deal in the flourishing small log cabin industry. Typically, log cabin homes are small structures that have little or no wasted space and are built from all natural materials. However, new trends have surfaced, making log cabin homes appear as luxurious, rustic, and cozy houses. At the same time, many of these luxury log cabin homes still use all natural materials, but there are new building techniques and systems used for drying the logs effectively at proper rates.

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