This Old Garage was Revamped into a Spacious, Barn Inspired Retreat

This Old Garage was Revamped into a Spacious, Barn Inspired Retreat

Can you believe it? This old garage was revamped into a spacious barn-inspired retreat! Just take a look at the double doors. Familiar? Yep, theyre the original doors for a two-car garage. But this garage had a double purpose, back in its day not only did it house vehicles, it housed horses as well yes, it was actually a barn as well. Its amazing what we can salvage when we put our minds to it, and this story is a true inspiration.

Its so amazing what designers and builders are able to do with just about anything these days for example: turning storage containers into tiny homes and old beat-up garages into luxurious writers retreats like this one. Its truly an exciting time to be alive if you have any interest at all in transforming old structures into new ones. This wonderful new trend is only going to grow more popular as we become more environmentally conscious. Truly, why tear anything down when you already have something to work with? By salvaging old buildings like this one, youre cutting down on so much waste and setting a very inspiring example for the next generation. This lovely new retreat was highly influenced by both the garage and barn aspects of this old structure. Isnt it wonderful how they accentuated the old angled gambrel roof? They didnt want to hide the fact that this was once a barn quite the contrary - they wanted to highlight it. The result is a very unique-looking getaway that any one of us would be proud to call our own.

And what about the interior of this lovely barn-inspired retreat? It is absolutely gorgeous. So much thought went into every last detail. Why? Because this was meant to be a writers or artists retreat a place where you can go to tap into your own latent creativity. Spaciousness was a very important part of this because we all need to have a sense of space in order to envision a new project or come up with new ideas. So, everywhere you look in this wonderful place, there is tons of room. The arched ceilings allow for maximum headroom as well! The airy spaciousness and warm glowing reclaimed wood floor give it the atmosphere of an old country home. The fireplace not only adds warmth but a sense of romance as well. There are ample windows, maximizing light exposure, further brightening the clean white walls. The full, open-concept kitchen and living room give it all a very relaxed feeling and allow for direct communication no matter what room you are in.

This lovely one-bedroom cabin retreat has it all, and the bathroom is one of its best features. It has a lovely antique claw foot bathtub, complete with a wooden platform which allows you to read or write with a glass of wine. How perfect is that? Theyve truly thought of everything as so many writers seem to get their best ideas in the bathtub. Another favourite room is the one just off the kitchen when you slide open the antique barn door, youll find a lovely little sitting room, complete with comfy couch and wicker swing chair. This sweet room can double as an extra bedroom if you have more guests and are in a pinch. Otherwise, its the perfect place to curl up for a good, long window-dreaming session. And, to make it all just perfect, theyve added several modern elements to complement the vintage rustic design - for example, theyve included up-to-date appliances, windows, light fixtures, wiring, and plumbing. Everything is brand new and in perfect working order so you can have the best of both worlds a lovely historic cabin with all the comforts of modern-day life.

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