This Lovely House Shows Just How Much Can Be Done with Only 420 Sq. Ft. Of Space

This Lovely House Shows Just How Much Can Be Done with Only 420 Sq. Ft. Of Space

This beautiful Vćlberg Cottage is summer living in a tiny cottage that is just 420 square feet. The tiny cottage has a covered porch and large outdoor patio. Inside there is a small separate room, and a south facing the private beach, all you need to enjoy a summer, or a holiday away. This is just one of the charming tiny cottages you will find on the Small Addiction Spaces site.

Other tiny cottages you will find include the Summerfield tiny cottage, a small cottage that makes use of its interior design space by having a sleeping loft space above the kitchen. The Filly Island Cottage is a charming cottage that began as a basket shop in the 1700s and was later converted into lodging. Then there is the Coastal Grand Manan Island cottage, a lovely tiny cottage that overlooks its beautiful surroundings. Each tiny cottage you look at, has a story to tell, whether its about how the tiny cottage came to be, the location where it sits, or the people who live and stay there. It's always inspiring to look at tiny house spaces; it always surprises me at just how unique each one is from the last. You'll find unique tiny cottages with names like the Artwood tiny cottage, The Beach Hut tiny cottage, the Eagles Pass tiny cottage and Marion's tiny cottage to name a few.

On the Small Addiction Spaces site, you will find all the tiny house inspiration you are looking for. If you've ever wondered what tiny house treehouse living looks like you are likely to find it here. Other tiny house ideas you will find are apartments, tiny cabins, camps, caravans, tiny container houses, conversion, tiny cottages and more. You will also find tiny house furniture, houseboat living, tiny house ideas and solutions, mobile homes, modular homes, off grid living and prefab homes. You might also find the occasional treehouse or two. You may be wondering why all these tiny houses seem to be all over the place. The funny thing is, tiny houses have always been around. It's only recently that we have began to take notice and have given a name to the movement that has people downsizing from their larger sized homes and moving into smaller spaces. A great way to own your home outright, and a way to do more of what you enjoy in life. If you are wondering what it is that people love so much about tiny house design, you needn't look far, because now more than ever you will find websites, magazines, and television shows dedicated to the compact houses.

Tiny houses aren't all that different from their larger counterparts, just a little cuter, a lot less work to clean, and a lot more affordable. You can save money on home maintenance, repairs and taxes if you opt to live in a tiny house over a larger sized house. And many people are choosing to do just that. Typically a tiny house is just a house that is less than 500 square feet. But you can also find tiny house designs that are less than 200 square feet, for which would than be called a micro house. Imagine living in space less than 200 square feet that is an example of living simply, and with a whole lot less stuff. Good decisions for the planet. With tiny house names like cob cottages, gingerbread cottages, beach shacks, tree houses, modular homes, houseboats, modular homes, prefabricated homes, solar powered homes, wind-powered homes, off grid tiny houses, tiny houses on wheels and more, it's always fun to think about.

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