This Log House Uses an Innovation That Makes the Walls Airtight (Click for Floor Plan)

This Log House Uses an Innovation That Makes the Walls Airtight (Click for Floor Plan)

You will be happy to have a look at this Sequoia Log Home Plan from Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes. Many of Jim Barna's Log and Timber Home designs and floor plans are available to look at through My Wood Homes, a website that showcases the best of the best log home floor plans and log home builders. Jim Barna, the founder of Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes, paved the way for the current log home market. More than thirty-five years ago, Jim Barna innovated the fashion that logs are milled in, creating notches that allow them to interlock with saddle notch corners and tongue in groove wall panels. This allows the walls of the log homes to have an airtight barrier and seal to keep the elements out and keep warm air in during the winter months and cold air in during the hot summer months.

Logs are already very efficient thermal barriers, but it is in creating a wall that the builders must make sure that there are no spaces. Most use a system like Jim Barna uses, as well as adding some caulking. The way in which the logs are stacked and sealed when building a log home to make sure there is a tight seal is called chinking. There are many different styles of log cabin known just in North America. The Appalachian log homes and cabins have flat logs that have a dovetail corner, whereas the log homes and cabins found in the Rocky Mountains, are built with the round logs with saddle-notched corners. In the Midwest and Northeast, the logs seem to be smaller with no chinking at all. However, now that log home kits are widely available, customers can choose any type of cabin they like and have it built in any area. With over 70 distributors worldwide Jim Barna's homes can be built for interested customers all around the world.

The Sequoia Log Home Plan features a beautifully designed log home that is both traditional yet contemporary and up to date in it's appearance. The exterior features the rounded smaller logs that have a saddle notched corner. There is hardly any chinking needed in this build because the logs were cut to fit perfectly together like a jig saw puzzle. The front porch of the log home incorporates nice, large logs at the entrance, framing in the patio beautifully. The log detailing on the porch's overhang creates a lovely focal point at the front of the log home as well. The dormer on the upper level is a great architectural feature on the log home, providing extra space for another room in the house, but it also gives the house that more modern feel too.

This Sequoia Log Home Plan has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, spread out over 1439 square feet and two levels creating a comfortable home for a family. The master bedroom is on the upper floor by itself, which creates some nice privacy for the occupants. The other two bedrooms and a full bathroom are located on the main floor at the back of the home that is also great for privacy. The kitchen, living room and dining room share a very open space, which makes the whole space feel larger and giving it so much flow. The porch and decks can wrap around the front and sides of the home giving the dwellers plenty of outdoor space. A deck would also be beautiful added onto the back of the log home as well. Have a look at this awesome Sequoia Log Home Plan and many more of Jim Barna's log home plans on My Wood Homes!

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