This Log House Is Absolutely Perfect for a Large Family (Click for Floor Plans)

This Log House Is Absolutely Perfect for a Large Family (Click for Floor Plans)

This ASTER log home is the epitome of a dream log home, more like a log home mansion. For centuries, people have built homes like this beautiful Aster log home from Kontio Log Houses. The sheer size of the home is impressive, and would be a feat in itself to build from scratch. That is why it's so great that you can order a plan and a log home package from Kontio Log Houses. Having a look at the plans helps to get the customer closer to the floor plan and the log home of their dreams. It is a great way to get log home plans and kits and the supplies for the building project all from one company.

Being able to order a log home package can save the customer a lot of time and energy out looking for materials as well as having to then have to cut them to the proper size with the proper notches in them. A company like Kontio Log Houses has already finished all of that work before the supplies are sent to your building site. The log homes are usually constructed in their workshop beforehand and then, they are disassembled, and packaged to be delivered to the log home building site. Once at the building site, the contractors or the client themselves will be able to then piece together the log home. The Aster is fairly large though, so it may need a crane to lift some of the larger logs to put them into place.

Kontio Log Houses website shows all of the different log house packages they offer. The finished product of the Aster log home in the photos looks absolutely stunning. It is quite large and looks like an absolute masterpiece of log building craftsmanship. The exterior is finished beautifully, with a golden, warm coloured wood and brown trim around the windows. The colours compliment each other very nicely, and all of the windows in the home make it look so open and welcoming. The floor plan is 3110 square feet in total. It has a total of four bedrooms and four bathrooms included inside. Which is awesome for a larger family with kids who all would like to have their own bedrooms, and also enough bathrooms so no one is fighting over bathrooms. There are also two different seating areas, one is a television room and the other is just a seating area. There are also two separate eating areas for in the kitchen, for everyday use and a dining room for special occasions. The kitchen is quite large and open, and looks into the dining room area which is nice for an open concept feel. The living room areas are both really large, which takes up a good majority of the ground floor area. There is great outdoor space outside as well, with balconies coming off of the upper and lower floor living rooms, as well as smaller balconies off of some of the rooms. It's always nice to have outdoor living space to enjoy in the summer.

Kontio Log Houses distributes their log home packages all around the world and they have a few dealerships on the east coast of the United States for people to order from. Their log home floor plans can be ordered online, and then shipped to your address no matter where you live in the world. They have plenty of reading material on their website showing just how they obtain their log building materials and the whole process that goes into manufacturing them to be used in building and production. Have a look at this great plan and their other fabulous plans on their website.

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