This Log Cabin Seems Very Small, but It Can Comfortably Accommodate 6 People

This Log Cabin Seems Very Small, but It Can Comfortably Accommodate 6 People

It's important for families to go on little vacations, no matter how close or how far you go, the point is to have a nice relaxing retreat away from the daily grind in the city. This perfect cozy log cabin just might be your next destination. It boasts a lot of great amenities that are sure to have you itching for a trip. Whether you decide to bring along the entire family, or opt to have a nice romantic getaway with your significant other, this place is sure to please.

This particular log cabin is featured on the "Sugar Maple Cabins" website where there are a ton of different log cabins stretched out along the states to choose from. You can book your trip through the site, and this cabin is going for $129 per night which is the same cost as a room in a nice hotel. Except in this case you're getting the privacy and comfort of a cabin nestled in the woods. It can accommodate up to 6 people, so there's plenty of room to stretch your legs even though the place looks tiny from the outside, the open concept and floor to ceiling wood decor makes it feel grand.

If you go there at a time of year where it's warm enough, you can enjoy the beautiful and serene deck that overlooks the treetops. This covered porch will protect you from the elements, so whether it's too sunny, or too rainy, you can still sit out there and enjoy the fresh air.

There are two bedroom and one and a half bathrooms in this perfect cozy log cabin. With a fully equipped kitchen, there's nothing you can't make here, but of course feel free to get a fire going outside and enjoy some campfire cooking if you prefer. Regardless, this place is sure to have everything you need for a perfectly comfortable getaway. While it might seem like it's an isolated little area, which it is, it's still quite close to other attractions. A community pool is located nearby at the Arrowhead Log Cabin Resort. Here you'll find plenty of attractions, like shows, a splash pad, a theme park... the list goes on!

Now for all the eager shoppers in the group, there's also plenty of great shops located in the Village. Artisan baked good and trinkets galore will keep you busy for the day I'm sure. Whether you're looking for a quiet retreat away from it all, or if you'd like something in between, this perfect cozy log cabin located in Pigeon Fort will be perfect for you. For the more adventurous souls, feel free to make your way over to the nearby stable where you can sign up for a day of horseback riding through the woods. This is something that the kids will be sure to enjoy. The people who run The Wildland Trekking Co. offer guided tours for all levels, whether you're a complete beginner, or a more adventurous and seasoned pro, there are trails for everyone to enjoy.

The only difficulty is going to be deciding what to do everyday, since there are so many options to choose from. You can lay back and enjoy the sunrise and sunset over the Smoky Mountains, with a blanket and hot cup of tea. Or venture to town for a day of lively fun and attractions. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time in the beautiful area of Pigeon Fort, I'm sure you won't want to leave. But at least when you do decide to make the trip back to the real world, you'll be rejuvenated and refreshed from the time spent outdoors.

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