This Is The Perfect Log Cabin

This Is The Perfect Log Cabin

This is the perfect log cabin because it exudes charm and character that makes one feel a sense of peace. Heading up the driveway, this little charmer comes into site beyond the tree line and for a moment you are breathless. Even once you've seen it many times, each time will renew your faith in the fact that you've created the perfect getaway. After all, life is busy and sometimes downtime with a loved one and nature is exactly what's needed to refuel. Whether you are new to cabin life, or you've owned properties like this before you'll immediately be taken in by the characteristics of this space. On the outside, the weathered log beams give structure and substance to the home. The markings that happen overtime as a building sits in the woods speaks of days gone by and the future path for generations to come.

Sitting on the front porch, comfortably perched on patio furniture that also will last a lifetime you are gazing off into the forest and beyond to see a glimmer of the lake. In the morning as the sun peeks out with the promise of a new day, you clutch your coffee and then slowly remember where you are, this is your paradise. This home was built with you in mind and for a moment you feel that everything is right in the world. Or at least your little part of the world. This is exactly the kind of retreat we need as life gets tumultuous and feels chaotic.

After a morning swim in the lake, it's time to dive into the rest of your day, inside your inspired by the timeless accents and rustic charm that will never change and yet is ever changing. Although Sunday will come and you will have to head back to the city, for now you're here in this moment and in this space. Nothing is quite the same as the timeless structure of the perfect log cabin.

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