This Hut Has Only 128 Square Feet, but It Doesn't Feel Cramped at All

This Hut Has Only 128 Square Feet, but It Doesn't Feel Cramped at All

The tiny home market is rapidly evolving and developing as new customers present new requirements for their smaller spaces. While there are plenty of low-cost options available, one alternative within the tiny house market is the HideAway Hut, by Camping Scene. Although originally intended as a bridge between tenting and full-service cabins, the HideAway Hut may be the perfect tiny home for those truly looking to downsize and simplify.

The huts by Camping Scene come in two basic models: the one-bed, 128 square foot Gypsy Cabin (which comes with an optional front deck) and the HideAway Hut, which sleeps up to four adults within its tiny 128 square foot space. Both huts are easily moveable with a forklift and come with optional RVIA approved wheels/trailers. Both huts are also customizable and come with a range of standard options, including a ceiling fan, three power outlets, metal, timber or shingle roofing, vinyl floor covering, full of half glass doors, windows of ample size to allow for the addition of an air conditioner or heater and 2 insulation. Although prefabricated manufacture, these tiny homes are each hand crafted to ensure exceptional quality and are built with the consumers safety in mind. These tiny home HideAway Huts are at the extreme end of tiny house sizes, which typically range up to 400 square feet, and could be considered micro dwellings. However, at just 128 square feet, they offer ample room for up to four adults with various sleeping arrangements (such as two double beds or a double bed plus a set of bunk beds). If used for camping, they are the ideal space for campers to get in, out of the heat or cold and remain dry and comfortable. If utilized as a housing option, further customization or remodelling would have to be performed to accommodate for full-time living, such as the addition of a small kitchen as well as an add-on for, or out-door, bathroom facilities.

Tiny houses are part of the small home movement, and the HideAway Huts certainly fulfill all of the social and architectural requirements of simple living in smaller spaces. While small homes are typically under 1,000 square feet, these HideAway Huts are just over 1/10th of the size of small homes. In fact, they are only around 4% of the size of the typical American house (Id be willing to bet many homes have storage closets larger than these HideAway Huts!).

The cost for these tiny homes is just $9,100 to $14,610 (for the fully loaded option), which is only a fraction of the cost of the average house on the housing market. With small, inexpensive modifications, the HideAway Hut could be your tiny home for less than $20,000 (depending on modifications or additions). What other home can you purchase for such a low price? Although already appealing, the price certainly makes these tiny homes even more attractive, especially for young couples just starting out with college or university debt, or retiring couples looking to downsize and simplify. Whatever your reason for wanting a tiny home, the HideAway Hut deserves serious consideration, if not for the price, then for their hand-crafted quality and the service provided by Camping Scene. These unconventional tiny cabins could become your new tiny home more easily than you think!

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