This Feels Way Too Spacious for a Park Model Home (Click to View Floor Plan)

This Feels Way Too Spacious for a Park Model Home (Click to View Floor Plan)

Park model living has never looked so good, with a wide variety of floor plans park model tiny houses to choose. You will want to take a look inside this park model tiny house; it has 399 square feet of living space that include a loft. There are also non-loft park models to choose from. This park model home has raised ceilings, lots of windows, large appliances, a tile backsplash, a detachable hitch, tongue and groove plywood flooring, an 80-inch high sliding glass door, and front and rear overhangs.

The Tiny House Pins site is a great place to go if you are looking for some tiny house inspiration and ideas. The tiny house site has all sorts of tiny house styles, designs, and plans to look at. You'll find yourself surprised at the wide variety of tiny houses out there with tiny houses like The Big Maroon a Custom Housetruck by Federal Motorhome Company, a car tent that lets you camp in the city, an 861 Square Foot Modern and Minimalist tiny Apartment, and Upcoming Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshops Near You. You'll also find out about the Tiny House Magazine, the V House a Micro Cabin up in the Jungle, and The AbleNook a multi-use portable dwelling. The tiny house site also has tips on things like parking your tiny house and then adding a large covered porch, an Arkiboat Modern Tiny Houseboat on Pontoons, and a tiny house that is an Indestructible Stone House in Spain. Along with a 740 Square Foot Fancy and Funky Floating Home in Seattle, a treehouse cabin you can stay in at Moose Meadow Lodge Vermont, and a shipping container cabin community. If that weren't enough, you'll find a tiny camouflage log cabin in the woods, a rustically and awesome small cabin in the woods, and a writers block tiny cabin and boat house.

Small homes and tiny houses are more popular than ever before with all sorts of sizes, plans, designs, and styles to suit just about every lifestyle, need and preference. You may have heard that the name for this popular growing trend is The Tiny House or Small House Movement. That just means living in a house that is less than 500 square feet. You might even hear of micro house living that is living in a house that is less than 200 square feet. Tiny house living also means living simply, a way to live with less stuff and possessions.

Living in a tiny house, means having less space, which may take a bit of getting used to, but with good tiny house furniture and tiny house storage it is something that can be done. And what you might give up on space, you can make up for in style and tiny house design. Having less space to decorate, means you can afford to get the design details you've always wanted. Maybe you'll choose to use some reclaimed wood, or an expensive hardwood floor finish that you've always loved. You can still get some high-end appliances, and add in lots of great tiny house decor and accessories, such as blankets, pillows and throws. No matter the size of space you live in, you can always make it your own, a tiny house to call home. People are using tiny house designs to live in full time, to use as vacation homes, guest houses, backyard offices and artist studio spaces. What would you use a tiny house for? Maybe you are feeling your current home is a little short on space, a tiny house is a great way to add some additional square footage to your existing home.

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