This Fantastic Little Log Cabin

This Fantastic Little Log Cabin

The Cabin Porn website is definitely one of a kind, but don't get the wrong idea, this site is dedication to the beauty of log cabins and photos that you can look through for inspiration. This log cabin in Alberta, Canada is the one featured today and it's a picture worth a thousand words. You look at the photo and see a quaint cabin with logs that haven't been treated or stripped of their bark, it's super simple and minimalist without anything fancy or superfluous - just the basics for this little cabin. Sitting on the porch all snuggled up in a warm jumper is a woman holding a magazine in her hands. Then you have the fire blazing with its smoke rising towards the top of the majestic evergreen trees, probably pines, cedars, and fir trees.

It looks like these people might have cut down their own logs on the property they chose and decided to use them to erect their little cabin. Really that's the best way to go about building any structure since it saves a lot of time and resources. For one you need to clear the land anyway to make room for what you're building, and it's easier to use logs that are on site instead of hauling them in from faraway places. It's also convenient if you want to choose a remote location which is difficult to access, or if there is no road built yet, which is often the case when you buy land yourself.

This "Cabin Porn" site is really unique in how it displays its content. Instead of having the usual photos supplemented by a bunch of text, this blog is focused around the photos mainly, with short and sweet captions that don't take away from the photography. Each photo is equally as stunning as the next, and it makes you want to scroll down forever, so get ready to sit in that chair for a long time if you're a big fan of log homes. The featured homes are from all over the world, and the scenery in each is incredibly diverse and interesting. It's fun to think and dream of living in one of them, and it's a great place to get inspiration for building your own home someday. If you would like to see for yourself, then go on and click on the link below to get redirected to the "Cabin Porn" website.

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