This Cozy Little House was Built for just $600

This Cozy Little House was Built for just $600

Have you ever thought of building a cozy little house for just $600? Well, you might think it's impossible but what if I tell you that it is possible to build your very own dream house with quite the low budget? You may be thinking "how?". I have that little secret on how you can build that perfect home.

The secret to this idea is by research, do-it-yourself building techniques and construction waste. Keep those leftovers after building something made of wood. You can also go to a construction site and salvage anything that can be recycled to build your house before they send it to the dumps. You may not know how many good and strong materials are being thrown in the dumps these days.

Be creative on those materials that you use. There's a lot of ideas waiting for you to make out of those recycled construction waste, you'll just need to use your imagination. It will also be good if you'd be able to work with a contractor to pick up any construction waste that are still in good shape to use for your house before they sent those out for recycling. By that way, it'll be more faster for you to finish your dream house ahead of schedule.

If you know anyone building anything, try talking with them and see if you can help dispose their waste by recycling/reusing them. Key to success is to use construction waste only and modifying your designs to your available materials. Minimize the electrical and mechanical systems. It would be better if you use passive solar if possible. Last thing, if you can make a good exterior wall design, it'll be the best way to heat and cool a good home. It will be environment friendly and I'm pretty sure mother nature would be happy!

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