This Couple Built a Log House and Fulfilled Their Lifelong Dream. Here's How.

This Couple Built a Log House and Fulfilled Their Lifelong Dream. Here's How.

This Michigan "Lakeside Dream Log Home" is a magnet for family and friends. A couple fulfill their dream of building a log home in a beautiful location that was special to both of them.

For one couple building on a lake in southwest Michigan fulfilled a lifelong dream for both owners. The wife had been spending summers at the lake with her parents since the 1960s, staying in a rented cottage. She introduced her husband to the Michigan lake in the mid 1990s. They continued coming together, knowing that someday they would retire there. In 2006, they bought the hillside property overlooking the lake that would eventually become their home site. On the property they would sit in the two Adirondack chairs where their future great room would go and toasted their future on the lake. For their log home design, the couple wanted a log home that blended with the nature of the surrounding woods and the lake. They wanted a log home that would allow them to entertain and host large gatherings of family and friends, they favored a layout that was roomy but still cozy.

On this log home site you will find lots of plans on building your dream log home with; budget tips, from a mortgage affordability calculator to cost saving tips; design, log home tours, floor plan fundamentals, and log home design options; log home floor plans; build, log home building step by step, who to hire when building your log home, log home materials you can use and log home green building; furnish, log home decor and room ideas; maintain and log home companies. On this site you will find plenty of log home stories, inspirations and ideas to help you determine what it is you want in a log home. Some of the things you will find on this site include; Hillside Haven, a New York home interprets arts and crafts styling in logs; Riverfront retreat, a Montana timber log home; a contemporary timber home; gathering place, an Adirondacks lakeside retreat offers year round rest and recreation; living legacy, a Virginia home honors master log builder Don Chapman; paradise attained, a builder completes his hybrid log masterpiece in the Colorado Rockies; rustic meets modern, a Wisconsin couple creates a vacation retreat that is the perfect marriage of contemporary and rustic design; totem, it may be small but this guesthouse is big on style, spirit and sunshine; the Natural, this log home is simple yet spectacular, one Montana retreat pairs no fuss design with low-maintenance materials and finishes and lots more.

Some of the different types of log home construction include Scandinavian Full Scribe, which is also known as the chinless method, is where naturally shaped, smoothly peeled logs that have been scribed and custom fitted to each other. The logs are notched where they overlap at the corners of the house, and there are several ways to notch the logs. The flat on flat method of log home building, is where the logs are flattened on the top and the bottom and then they are stacked on top of each other. Milled log houses are constructed with a tongue and groove system of log home building which helps align one log to another, creating a system that in turn seals out the outdoor elements. The tight pinned butt and pass method, are when the logs are not notched or milled in any way. The logs are in a single course and do not overlap, with vertical pairs of logs that are fastened together with tight, load bearing steel pins.

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