This Caravan House Is Really Something Special, and It Looks Even Better Inside

This Caravan House Is Really Something Special, and It Looks Even Better Inside

If you've ever wondered what it's like inside of a gypsy caravan, this Cabin Title 109 is just the tiny house to see. It does feel like you've stepped back in time, inside this colorful, textured and unique caravan tiny home. The tiny house can be found on the Airbnb site, which means you can even choose to rent it for the night or two if you'd like! Would you stay in a gypsy caravan like this?

This gypsy caravan is so much fun. The table in the open living space feels like it could easily hold a crystal ball if you let it, and there are lots of unique details that make it feel cozy and inspired all the way through.

Outside is your typical gypsy caravan inspired tiny home with lots of wood, the arched roof, back steps and a door, and wheels so it can move from one place to the next. Like gypsies do! Inside is lovely with lots of wood, arched doorways, velvet and silk curtains, and colorful, comfy furniture. The gypsy caravan sits on a beautiful piece of rural property, surrounded by lots of greenery, and countryside. There is even a table and chairs outside to enjoy some fresh outdoor air while you eat, or sip your tea. If only some gypsies would visit, that would be a trip to tell.

There are all sorts of tiny homes, and small house builds that you will find wherever you are in the world. Think about the nomadic people of Mongolia and their yurts, the igloos of the north, teepees, and log cabins of the northern climates. They have been around for centuries, and it seems they are more popular now than ever before. Today there are more tiny house designs, styles, sizes and plans to fit most any lifestyle and need. Some people just want a tiny home tucked away in the garden. A space to use for gardening, planting, and to keep gardening tools. Other people want to have a backyard office space where they can get away from the distractions of home, and get some work done. While others opt to live in tiny houses full time, this is a brave and admirable thing to do. But do your need all that stuff anyway? Think of all the money you will save.

You may have heard of the Tiny House or Small House Movement. It's just a term used to describe the idea of living in smaller homes, typically a home that is no more than 500 square feet. Then there is the micro house that takes it even further. Teardrop camper anyone? The tiny house movement also means living more simply, living with less stuff. Not a bad idea, as it is a great way to save money, and spend it on the things that count. Things like traveling, passions, hobbies and more. If you want to live in a tiny house, or small house you need to be prepared to be practical, and well organized or your tiny house space will feel cluttered.

If you want to be inspired by tiny houses, or if you are just a bit curious, you should take a look at this great tiny house site. It has some of a unique tiny house designs you will see. You may find yourself dreaming or at the very least thinking about tiny houses, after browsing the site. You'll find tiny houses like a micro treehouse cabin that has a wrap around balcony, a beachfront Airstream that you can rent in Australia, a tiny house interior in Sweden that is all white, or a rustic/modern eco tiny cabin. Tiny houses and small houses may be small, but that doesn't mean they lack in originality and design.

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