This Amazing Home was Made from a $2000 Shipping Container

This Amazing Home was Made from a $2000 Shipping Container

You don't have to own a mansion worth millions of dollars just to enjoy living in a beautiful home.A home doesn't even have to be expensive to be the perfect living place. Here you will see some of the qualities and features of inexpensive yet amazing homes built from shipping containers for only about $2000. Believe it or not, this amount could allow you to purchase a shipping container and making you that modern and posh home that you have always wanted to. Experience luxury without having to spend much. Here are some of the interesting features you would enjoy from this innovative project.

Having a beautiful, luxurious home doesn't always mean owning a McMansion overlooking the ocean, or thousands of acres of land. Take these homes for example. They're luxurious and unique and nothing like you'd see anywhere else. The best part? To start building one of these homes, you only need $2,000. With that money, you can buy a shipping container and start building the quirky, modern home you've always dreamed of. And the rest, well, that's up to you.

1. Experience the sunshine and fresh air with a gorgeous view.

2. You could own a patio that everyone would love.

3. You can add another shipping container if you want to extend your space.

4. You will fall in love with its simplicity.

5. It is a safe place for the whole family.

6. It brings out the creative side of you.

7. You can even build a swimming pool if you want.

8. Be inspired by the design of the Hobbits homes from The Lord of the Rings and apply it here.

9. You can color it to suit your own tastes.

10. Design it according to your personality.

11. It is conducive to the whole family as well.

12. Experience freedom with your living lifestyle.

These are just among the perks of living in a house with this concept. You dont need a million dollars to have a beautiful shipping container home that looks like one plus one of the best parts of creating a home out of shipping containers is the fact that they you are contributing to keeping the planet green since these are made of recycled materials. It is definitely going to be environmentally friendly to build your new house with this. It is going to be a rewarding experience.

SMALLER homes do not have to make everything else seem tighter and cramped for the residents. As a matter of fact they - like casitas and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) -provide more benefits compared to bigger houses.

One of the most important things to consider in buying a house is the size: the bigger, the costlier to maintain. But a smaller home, which requires a smaller portion of the lot, cuts your expenses in half and also leaves a bigger space that can be used for other purposes.

A smaller house also requires less power consumption, which means fewer lighting units and other electrical fixtures. There is also less worry on wasted space as cleaning becomes a lot easier; use of the vacuum cleaner and water is minimized, saving you money, time and effort.

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