This $49,800 Log Home Has a Much Unexpected Interior

This $49,800 Log Home Has a Much Unexpected Interior

For the leading homes in style, craftsmanship and energy efficiency, log homes are the ultimate. Check out this gorgeous Woodland log home from Coventry Log Homes, Inc. Coventry Log Homes is a building company out New Hampshire specializing in log house construction. Family owned and operated, the business was handed down to sons Jeff and Mark by their dad Jim Elliot, the business has grown substantially over the last couple of decades. The company offers over sixty different models in several different series of log structures, the Craftsmen, the Tradesman, the Cabin, the Recreational and Timber homes. The company also offers garages, sheds and home additions as well. While over on their website, you can have a virtual tour of their mill where all of the logs are processed. It's very interesting to see this process up close and personal as well as view all of the different and unique log homes floor plans.

The Woodland log home is beautiful, yet simplistic in it's style. The log home is actually the most popular log home model in their Cabin series. This log home model can be used as a weekend getaway or as a nice little starter home. This floor plan offers two bedrooms and one bathroom in 1140 square feet of space. There is also a loft included in this floor plan, which is always nice for some extra space to use for another bedroom space, or as a little hang out or perhaps an office area. This log cabin model could probably be able to sleep up to six people or more at a time. The kitchen is a really nice size, with more than enough counter space in the model you see in the photos. The kitchen lay out can always be customized as the client needs as well. The living room is also a good size, and has a nice cozy feel to it with all of the natural wood that makes up the interior walls.

The Woodland log home model also has a sweet patio built onto it, which comes in the complete package of the home. This would make for the perfect place to relax on a hot summer day with an iced cold beverage in hand, or put out some lounging chairs to soak up the sun's rays. This log home model would look beautiful in any setting and can be suited to any landscape. As you can see in the photos, one of the Woodland homes is shown built on the side of a smaller hill which gives some great views from the home. Or, it also looks great on flat surrounded by lush grass. So the log house construction can really be done anywhere as you can see. Log homes are the perfect kind of home to build out in the country and they can truly brave anything that the elements throw at them. Logs are naturally able to maintain an even temperature in even the coldest climates due to the natural insulation and high thermal mass they have. This is part of what makes log homes so energy efficient and some of Coventry Log Homes log homes have been rated very high when it comes to meeting Energy Star requirements. In fact, all of their log home models will meet Energy Star requirements.

Not only are log homes energy efficient, they are also very health conscious too. With all of the chemicals used in modern day building with man made materials, its no wonder why people are always getting so sick all of the time. But with a home build from logs, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to your health. Actually, log homes have been proven to be more beneficial for our health. This is because the logs naturally filter out toxins from the air, and living in a log home also has the same benefits as being in a forest, which can naturally reduce stress and induce relaxation. Check out Coventry Log Homes for more log homes floor plans. *

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