This 42-Year-Old Truck House Traveled 40,000 Miles, and It's Still Rolling!

This 42-Year-Old Truck House Traveled 40,000 Miles, and It's Still Rolling!

This "Custom Housetruck by Federal Motorhome Company" is like no other house truck you have seen before. You will want to take a look inside this beautiful space and find out more about how this house truck came to be.

Wow! This custom house truck by Federal Motorhome Company is just so cosy and full of character you can't help but to fall in love with it. All the design, fabrication, assembly, carpentry and cabinet work were done by The Federal Motorhome Company, under the direction of the company's CEO John M. Driscoll. The wife and partner of the owner, Valerie, accepted the responsibility for all the esthetic considerations to do with colors, fabric, and furniture. Her choices really did help make this house truck into a home. The project has been a great journey over the past 42 years. They have traveled approximately 40,000 miles through 20 states and Canada and the time they have spent living and raising their family in it probably adds up to a year. The house has been built onto a 1949 Federal flatbed farm truck which the owner bought in 1971 for just $125. This is the type of tiny house story you can't help but be inspired by, you can tell just by looking on both the inside and the outside that a lot of love and care has gone into the design and building of this unique place. I would definitely like to take a look inside and see this house truck up close.

Every detail on this house truck is done with care, and consideration for the entire look and feel of the place. The back patio is surrounded by black railings that add to the visual appeal of the place. The house truck has a gypsy caravan feel and look to it. On the back the wooden door and window compliment that black railing. The exterior is covered in wood, and then inside you see how both the exterior and interior blend together very nicely. There is no shortage of storage space and cupboards inside, with lots and lots of places to put everything you need for your tiny house adventure. I can't even believe how great the truck that this tiny house sits on is, you just couldn't pick a better vehicle to place this house on. With this house atop the 1949 Federal flatbed farm truck you are definitely traveling and living in style.

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