This 22 by 36 Foot Log Cabin Is Versatile Enough to Fit Virtually Any Setting

This 22 by 36 Foot Log Cabin Is Versatile Enough to Fit Virtually Any Setting

You will fall in love with this sweet Settler Cabin Log Cabin from Zook Log Cabins. Many times, people build a log cabin to have as a recreational property, a place they can take their family to and enjoy some peace and quiet to de-stress from everyday life. Many people also simply love the look of a log home, the ambiance and charm they have and so they might build one to live in as a permanent residence. People connect log cabins and homes with the feeling of peace and relaxation, as well as a place to have fun and create memories with the ones we love. Log cabins also connect us to nature, because of the natural materials that they are made of, which lowers stress. The air quality is also much better in a log cabin then in a conventionally built home as well. The logs filter the air of toxins so that the air the inhabitants are breathing is pure and clean.

The Settler Log Cabin is one of the smaller cabins from Zook log cabins, with one level and a loft area that could be used for sleeping or storage. Many people who build a cabin like this choose to use this space as a guest sleeping area, or a child's bedroom space. The Settler log cabins all come with a six-foot wide porch on the front of them, which makes for the perfect place to savor some outdoor time in the comfort of home. The porch is constructed with beautifully crafted with logs creating a lovely sheltered space. You can see in the photos of the Settler log cabin on the Zook website, that the cabin is actually quite spacious on the inside. There is a full kitchen, and enough room for a kitchen table to gather around. The Settler log cabin has a living room area, which is plenty large enough to fit a couch and some lounging chairs in, perhaps a gas fireplace to keep warm with. This 22 foot by 36-foot log cabin can have up to two bedrooms and one bathroom in it, and the people at Zook are happy to help customize any details that the client wants to include in their plan. It would be convienient to have a second bedroom on the ground floor for guest, or if there are kids that could share a room.

All of Zook's log cabins are built out of the highest quality logs. Their log cabins are built in a modular style so they build the model in their workshop where everything is closely monitored, and then the log home is taken apart to be moved to the building site. The log home is then rebuilt on the property by members of their construction crew. Amish builders are the talented craftsmen who build these log cabins for Zook log cabins company. They build with extreme attention to detail, from the beginning to the end of the log home build. These carpenters begin with building the skids, joists and the subfloor of the log home, and then they build each wall panel onto the cabin. Each of the panels is framed, and crafted with proper insulation, to ensure the warmest indoor environment possible within the log cabin. They also build on the roof and shingle it as well; they also apply the stain to the interior and the exterior of the log cabin or home too upon request. Customers are given the option to have their log home's electrical and plumbing installed, otherwise, if they have know how, they can do it on their own or hire someone else to do it. Companies like Zook log cabins make building a log cabin or home a breeze, check out more of their awesome cabin designs and models!

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