This 104 Year Old Great Grandmother Yarn Bombed Her Town

This 104 Year Old Great Grandmother Yarn Bombed Her Town

While everyone is looking at the latest Banksy street art piece, there are other types of street artists that come out to colour the world in a different way. Grace Brett is one of those people, and it may surprise you to learn that This 104 Year Old Great Grandmother Yarn Bombed Her Town! "Way to go granny!" , I can hear so many people saying! Grace is the eldest member of Scotland's own, Souter Stormers, a yarn storming group who yarn bombed over 46 different landmarks in Scotland's Boarders County. That's quite impressive for anyone! The members of the Souter Stormers, planned this out over the course of a year, for the Yarrow, Ettrick and Selkirk "Yes" Arts Festival.

You can see the awesome photos of the brightly coloured yarn bombing, that they strategically placed all over the city. It is quite beautiful, and really brightens and cheers everything up a lot. The city streets can become so drab, and boring, all of that grey concrete and black asphalt can become a little redundant. This art installation has really caught people's attention making them see the brighter side of life, in bringing a smile to people's faces.

The act of yarn bombing started several years ago in cities in the United States, and crafters everywhere were putting up their displays of fine knitting and crocheting work all over the city streets. They put the pieces of knitting up on telephone posts, and light posts, on city benches, on garbage cans, bike racks, on fences, mail boxes, bus stops, phone booths, you name it! People even yarn bomb trees, as seen in the "Yes" Arts Festival, display. What a fun and colourful addition to the city scape, making it look and feel like a brighter, more fun place to be. I have seen yarn bombing in several different cities, and it looks so great!

Grace isn't really aware that she is a yarn bomber per say, but she does love the fact that people are enjoying her knitting around the city. It is something that keeps her doing things that she loves, and what a great reason to do it, for the sake of art and to make people happy and smile! She says she doesn't want to brag, but she is pretty pleased with herself and what she has done with her knitting. She has knitted and crocheted some beautiful pieces, including large bedspreads to little dolls, that are all so amazing! Isn't it wonderful to see someone still living at the age of 104, still doing the things that allow them to express their creativity , and that also bring other people so much joy in the process! It is inspiring for us all to know that we don't just fade away into the background when we get older, and that getting older is just a state of mind really. You can be doing what you love right up until the day you leave this world. Uplifting and inspiring!

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