Think About Simplifying Your Life When You Retire, This Cottage Shows You Why

Think About Simplifying Your Life When You Retire, This Cottage Shows You Why

Hola everyone! We have here a tiny cottage for country living. “I would love to spend my lifetime loving the country life in this tiny cottage!” Same here, ole pal! Country life is complete with this tiny cottage from Kanga Room Systems. Someday, if I have the opportunity to live in the country, I'd never have second thoughts on living in this house. “I agree! I would do the same too. What about the others? Are they having second thoughts? Why don't we take them to this tiny home so they can see for themselves?” Good idea you got there, mate! Well, let me do the talking here. Everything will be under my control. *winks*

This tiny cottage is located in central Texas countryside. It is designed by Kanga Rooms Systems, a premier designer and manufacturer in North America. This cottage is designed for a client who prefers a simple house. The cottage has a floor plan of 16′ by 26′, giving it a 416 feet-squared or 37.6 meter-squared. But that floor plan space excludes the porch and carport. The house has two bed spaces: a bedroom and a cozy loft with plenty of headroom. The loft can occupy two small sleeping beds. Well, if you want to relax with your guitar while you play your favorite country song, there’s a porch ready for you. The porch runs beside the length of the tiny cottage. Also, many of the cottage’s windows are facing the porch for maximum shading. And if you are into French doors, this tiny cottage can give you French doors. *winks* It leads to the cottage’s living space that has a beautiful cathedral ceiling and exposed beams. In the living space, you can see the dining area and the compact kitchen. Well, all for one living room, isn't it? In the corner, there is a laundry closet with a washer and dryer in it. The other part of the cottage contains the bedroom and the bathroom. The bathroom can be accessed both via living space and bathroom.

Now what do you think? *silence* No worries, I'll give you a lot of time to think about this tiny cottage. To see more, just click Small House Bliss’ website below. Have fun living your country life! *winks*

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