They Pride Themselves in Building the Best Small Cabins in the Industry, and for a Good Reason

They Pride Themselves in Building the Best Small Cabins in the Industry, and for a Good Reason

Staying in a tiny house space like the Sherpa Cabins in Thomson Falls, Montana is worth thinking about. The tiny cabins quality construction and customers satisfaction are the top priority for the company, owned by Kris Anderson. Sherpa Cabins, Inc., was founded in 1999. The first of the Sherpa cabins was designed to be used as an out-of-state landowners need for a tiny cabin roof overhead until they eventually retired to Montana. Or, a weekend vacation spot for the people wanting to spend some time at the mountain property. Anderson knew that unlike a trailer or RV, a Sherpa Cabin would appreciate in value over time while providing a beautifully handcrafted, aesthetically pleasing home for the insightful buyer.So after building the Sherpa Cabins shop located in Thompson Falls, Montana they had their first tiny cabin built and ready to go in the spring of 1999. As they Sherpa tiny cabins owners had only dreamed, the first tiny cabin actual buyers were racehorse breeders from Florida who recently purchased land in Montana. Years and several tiny cabins later, one of two tiny cabins built by the tiny cabin company for a retiring Intel engineer was photographed by Sunset Magazines Norman Plate and featured in the July 2002 issue.

Sherpa tiny cabins have been owned and operated by Kristin Anderson since the co-founder Dennis Roberts retirement in 2003. In January 2003, the tiny cabin company had it's first tiny cabin delivered out of state. They now have tiny cabins in Idaho, Washington, Colorado, California, New Mexico, and Montana. The tiny cabin company was granted a Trademark by the U.S. Trademark & Patent Bureau in March of 2004.The tiny cabin company's horizons are continually expanding, but they remain a small business. Besides Kristin, there are only two other carpenters involved in the tiny cabin company. They build one tiny cabin at a time, which takes an average construction time of approximately seven weeks from start to finish. Their goal continues to be to build and deliver the best tiny cabins in the industry. They often hear, that their tiny cabins are a work of art. It is their goal to make each tiny cabin a quality build and piece of craftsmanship.

When it comes to tiny houses and tiny cabins, there are so may design and plans ideas out there. It seems everywhere you look these days, there is another tiny house design to see. How do you choose the right tiny house design when there are so many options to choose from? With the wide variety of tiny house designs, plans and sizes available you might find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options. But that's normal, you just have to take your time and do your homework. You might want to keep a book with photos, favorite tiny house websites, and tiny house resources that you have gathered along the way. It can also help to talk to other tiny house owners, and find out what they recommend and what tiny house kit or builders they used. In time, you will get a good idea of which tiny house plan with work with your lifestyle and needs. Who knows you might even be inspired enough to build a tiny house of your own, there is no shortage to the number of step by step do it yourself videos, and instructions available to find. Or you might opt to purchase a quality tiny house build from one of the many reputable tiny house company's you find.

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