They Pride Themselves in Building Log Homes That Aren't Found Anywhere Else

They Pride Themselves in Building Log Homes That Aren't Found Anywhere Else

Just wait until you see these beautiful log cabins and homes from Pioneer Log Homes of BC. You will be blown away by the impressive craftsmanship and the amazing quality of these gorgeous log built cabins. Pioneer Log Homes of BC is a company that operates out of Williams Lake, British Columbia in Canada. They are an established company that started out in 1973. The company was started up by Bryan Reid Sr and has grown to be one of the most world renowned log home building companies around the world. Their craftsmanship has been critiqued and named one of the most high quality companies in the business. They also build houses in other countries around the world and have built in Scotland before, amongst other places.

The log home builders build homes like the one you see in the photo here, and even larger ones. They also build smaller cabins as well, and do a lot of custom work as well as offer many different plans for customers to choose from and customize as they see fit. The sheer size and scale of the building materials is so impressive, the log and timber building supplies are not for the faint of heart builder and they take a ton of precision and skill to manoeuvre and to set in place to build the house in the best way possible. All of the log homes use logs from a tree plantation not far from Williams Lake, and there is a mill right close by as well, where they source their materials. Gorgeous thick and long logs are used in the assembly of their impressive homes, giving the log homes a lifetime of stability and ultimate strength.

Log building is also known as one of the most superior ways to build a home in general because of all the natural benefits a log brings to the table. For one, they are extremely well insulated naturally, and they have such a high thermal mass, allowing the log homes and cabins to retain a high volume of heat and keep out the colder air. This is why you see the log built cabins and homes in the colder regions of the world, because they are so great for sub zero temperatures and keeping the inhabitants nice and warm even in the coldest snaps of winter. The logs are also able to really repel a lot of moisture too, which is also a good thing for log home dwellers. The homes including the one you see here, are some of the most impressive log homes you can find today.

The log home craftsmen of Pioneer Log Homes of BC , even have their very own show now on Home and Garden Television otherwise known as HGTV, which is called the Timber Kings, you may have already seen it yourself. If you have, you know how impressive their skill truly is and how much amazing work goes into building these massive log homes and cabins. The show accompanies them on their log home building jobs, where they will start at their own yard and then haul and transport all of the materials to the site where the house is to be built. You actually get to see what it is like to build a log home, and maybe get a better understanding for why the job is such an intensive one, requiring so much know how and experience. The log homes these log builders make are nothing short of amazing, and you just have to see them to believe them. So make sure you have a peek through their galleries and check out some of their wonderful log home projects they have built in the past. You will be very impressed to say the least.

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