They Call Themselves Timber Kings, and for a Very Good Reason

They Call Themselves Timber Kings, and for a Very Good Reason

You know a log home and cabin building company is great when one of the log homes they have built is accepting offers starting at $10,000,000! Although this Simple Pioneer Log Cabin is not the majestic ten million dollar California log home, it is still a masterpiece in their collection. The Pioneer Log Homes of BC company is one of the leading true log home builders in the world. They have distributors all over Canada and the United States, as well as Internationally in places like France, Australia, the United Kingdom, Kazakstan, and Russia among others. Their designs reflect the true, authentic log-built cabins and homes people all over the world have come to know and love. They build the practical, smaller and simple style of cabin, as well as the ginormous mansion style log homes that you can see on their website.

The log cabin you see in the photo here is just one of their many gorgeous log cabins that are available, and all of their designs are customizable too. This house shows the simplicity of a very traditional style for a log cabin. The company builds the cabin in their warehouse with all of the best Western Red Cedar, that is treated and hand cut in the traditional manner, in their warehouse in Williams Lake, British Columbia. They choose each of their logs very carefully, to ensure the highest quality of materials. They even give their clients the opportunity to come into the yard and hand pick the logs will be used for feature points of their home, which no other company offers. Pioneer Log Homes of BC goes the extra mile in making sure that their log homes and cabins are the highest quality.

This Simple Pioneer log cabin shows off the quality of their builds, and shares with us a testimonial from one of their satisfied customers from Twain Harte, California. The happy couple who purchased this gorgeous log cabin from Pioneer Log Cabins says that they were so impressed with the whole process and the amazing customer service they received throughout the building of their log cabin. They even said that one of their neighbours who is also having a log home built, says he wished he would have known about Pioneer Log Homes company before he went with another company. He was so impressed with the Western red cedar logs and the way in which the house has been built. They prove themselves time and again as a company who delivers above and beyond what they say they will.

All of their log home builds are tested to be able to withstand the harshest of elements, and they ensure that they are also insect treated to avoid any infestations in places like Australia or different states in the US that have insect problems. Wood is also one of the very best materials to withstand earthquakes and fires, and they create an 18-inch wall thickness between rooms, for ultimate fire safety. Wood and logs, in general, have an easier time enduring high winds and earth movement because it tends to have a lot of structural leniencies and can shift easily in the event of any natural disaster. People who have owned their cabins share testimonials that they have had their cabin stand up to a hurricane. Log cabins and homes are one of the most superior types of homes on the market, and they are a wonderful investment for anyone who takes pride in their home. These stunning log cabins are a must see!

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