These Surprisingly Inexpensive Log Cabin Kits are All the Rage Now

These Surprisingly Inexpensive Log Cabin Kits are All the Rage Now

Log cabins don't just have to be for recreational purposes, in fact many people are beginning to add them to their properties as rental suites or office space! Check out this Inexpensive Log Cabin Kit: The 13x10 (4x3m) Alsace 34mm Log Cabin! People are wanting to make the most of their property, and where it used to be fashionable to have a huge yard that is all grass that you manicure and make perfect, or pay people to make look perfect, now, it is becoming more like in the old days again. The old days when people would use their back yards efficiently, to plant vegetables or put a second house on for a relative.

These little cabin kits from buy log cabins direct, like this Alsace cabin, is the perfect thing to add to a back yard or piece of land, so that there is extra space to do with what you please. Lots of people even rent them out on a site like Air BnB, as a little guest cabin for people visiting the area. People like the idea of staying somewhere more homey over a hotel or motel sometimes. Then there is always a place for family or friends who come to visit as well!

This sweet little addition is very inviting, with the double doors that open up right into the cabin, and the windows on either side that open up to the outdoors. They show it as a little dining room set up, so you can see that it can accommodate 4 people comfortably. A queen or double bed would also work nicely in here, with room for a chair or too to lounge in. Guests would love their own little space they could sleep in and relax in while they were at your place! Head over to 'Buy Log Homes Direct' by following the link in the section below for more!

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