These Six FREE Plan Sets For Tiny Houses will make you SMILE

These Six FREE Plan Sets For Tiny Houses will make you SMILE

This is such a great source for tiny house plans. Derek "Deek" Diedricksen's website has a plethora of amazing information, compiled by himself on his website that this link will lead you to. He has had years of experience in the realm of tiny house building under his belt, building many tiny houses and working on many different projects over the years.

This particular link has six FREE plans that he himself has looked into and that you can download for free! Everybody likes free stuff! One of the books, Deek even got for his 10th birthday and has been using it since. He has presented them all so you can have easy access to a range of different plans to get your tiny house project moving. From square houses to geodesic dome houses, you are sure to find a plan that suits your needs.

The pictures are fun to look at and dream up your best tiny house project made just by you! Deek has amazing videos on Youtube as well, and he is just an over - all cool guy that wants to help people in this tiny house movement. For people to be able to live the life of their dreams in a home that they build themselves, not having to worry about paying rent, or a loan or mortgage. Its such a service he is doing for people by presenting all of this great information on an easy to use website. He also has books that he has written and drawn himself. He also holds workshops sometimes too.

So head on over to the 'Relax Shacks' website and download your free plans to start dreaming up your first tiny house building project! Its time for people to get out there and do it! These plans give you the perfect recipe to follow to be living in your very own tiny home!

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