These Log Home Plans Rock!

These Log Home Plans Rock!

Many people dream of building a new home of their own. There are actually so many things that you have to consider! You might need a pen and a paper to jot this following.

When it comes to closet and organization, you need to consider putting an outlets in several closets. Make sure that your closets have enough space for double hung rods as well as singles in order to accommodate long clothes. It is a really great idea if you put some motion sensors to pantry and closet lights too. When it comes to bathroom, you need to add an outlet in your master toilet closet for a night light and also inside your vanity cabinets for dryer or hair iron purposes. Make use of your pony wall by turning it to something useful like storage.

Masters bedroom should have a master switch that controls all exterior lights and it would be best to have a 3 way switches. If you love reading books at night before sleeping, you may put a light at the head of your bed and turn it off once you're ready to sleep. For your kitchen, you may consider having a custom storage organization in kitchen drawers as well as custom shelves for appliances in pantry. It would be best to put a two soap pumps at your sink, one for hand wash and the other is for dish washing.

These are only few of the 'little' but big idea things that you have to consider before building a new home. You might be bombarded with a lot of ideas in mind, but try to consider and take a look at this 1, 403 square feet Twinlake floor-plan by Expedition Log Homes LLC and be fascinated with its 1,156 square feet first floor as well as 247 square feet second floor.

Visit the 'Expedition Log Home' website below for details on what they have to offer.

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