There Is No Compromise between Beauty and Comfort. Or Is There? (Click to View Floor Plan.)

There Is No Compromise between Beauty and Comfort. Or Is There? (Click to View Floor Plan.)

The Beaver Run Log Home Floor Plan is one of the nicest log home floor plans that you will see. With 2,068 square feet of living space on two floors, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This spacious log home would work for full-time living or use as a vacation home. This log home is located beside a beautiful lake, with peaceful views of the lake and the surrounding forest. The log home has a covered wraparound outdoor patio, with a section of the patio a screened porch. You could sit out on your patio, and enjoy the peaceful views, and enjoy the stars at night. The main floor of this log home floor plan has 1,325 square feet with an open living room, dining room/kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. Upstairs you 743 square feet of space, with an open loft space with one bedroom. The stone fireplace in this log home build is the focal point of the Great Room, and the upstairs dormers are log home details that make this log home extra special.

It goes to show how important the location you build your log home is. When looking at the gallery of this log home, you can't help but envision spending time looking at this beautiful lake, and forest. In a location such as this, you could go hiking through the forest, and enjoy water activities such as canoeing, swimming and fishing. It adds to the appeal of the log home. On the My Woodhome site, you will find lots of plans on building your dream log home with. You will find log home budget tips, log home design, log home tours, floor plan fundamentals, and log home design options. You will also find log home floor plans, building a log home step by step, who to hire when you are building a log home, log home materials you can use and log green home building. Along with log home furnishings, log home decor and room ideas and maintaining a log home companies.

On this log home site, you also will find plenty of log home stories, inspirations, and ideas to help you determine the details you want in a log home build of your own. Some of the things you will find on this site include a New York log home that interprets arts and crafts styling in logs, a Montana timber log home, a contemporary log home, an Adirondacks lakeside log retreat that offers year-round rest and recreation and a Virginia log home that honors master log builder Don Chapman. You will also find a log home design where rustic meets modern, a Montana log home retreat that pairs no fuss design with low-maintenance building materials and finishes and lots more.Designing and building a log home of your own is one of the most exciting projects you will take on. The My Woodhome site is a great place to look if you are hoping to find log home ideas to incorporate into your log home. It is also a good place to look if you are new to the log home building process. The site will help you with the log home building steps that are involved from start to finish.

There are also ideas on how to buy furniture for your log home build. Buying furniture for your new log home should be fun and exciting, and not a task that makes you feel uncomfortable. But for many log homeowners, when it comes time to going out and log home furniture shopping they get nervous! On the My Woodhome site, you will find a section that will provide you with tips and advice on what to look for during the decor and furniture buying process.

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