The Woodman's Hut, a Glimpse at Timeless Wood House Craftsmanship

The Woodman's Hut, a Glimpse at Timeless Wood House Craftsmanship

There is something about The Woodman's Hut that evokes rocking chairs and some bluegrass music. This log cabin build is just one of a diverse trio of new building schemes that were named as winners of a design award for designs that were done within the Cairngorm National Park, in northeast Scotland. The competition that took place in 2012 has 56 entries, and each entry was judged upon their reflection of the National Park's sustainable design guide. The three best overall winners of the design competition were 7N Architects New House at Easter Tombain and the Lazy Duck Woodman's Hut, built by Rob Clarke and Dave Robson and Neil Sutherland Architects Cairngorm Brewery, Aviemore. What they were looking for were things that might not be so obvious in a log home design, but the qualities of the surfaces and materials, and just how good the log building fit into its intended purpose and place. That place being the National Park that the designs sit in. The winners of the competition were amazing examples of how passion and love for a place, can inspire excellence in design.

The Woodman's Hut log cabin is part of the Lazy Duck Campsite. The log cabin was built largely from the wood of a 260-year-old Caledonian Pine tree, that had to be cut down because of snow damage. The other winner of the competition was the New House at Easter Tombain. This log home was built on the site of a ruined steading, so they were able to utilize some of the stonework that remained. Making for a nice combination of old and new.

It just goes to show the fun you can have with log homes. Whether it be using a tree that has fallen because of a snowstorm, or building and combining stonework from an old house that sits on the site. There is just something extra special about both of these projects. When you are building a log home, and the materials that you use are natural, reused, reclaimed it adds to your home's story and makes it feel that much more unique. It also makes your log home come from a renewable resource, and environmentally friendly, something we should all be trying to practice as much as possible these days.

Log cabins and log homes can be built in a variety of styles, designs, plans and sizes from rustic to modern, contemporary and a combination of both modern and rustic. There is something about log cabins and log homes that we just can't get enough of. The log homes in this National Park evoke that part of us, the part that wants to be close to nature, and with that we feel a different sense of ourselves. Staying in nature is a good way to breathe some fresh air, and brings us back to a place of wanting to protect all the natural areas that we can. If we don't get that opportunity at least every once in a while, we start to become a bit disconnected from the whole idea of protecting what it is that we can't see. This is especially true for children, if we can manage to get them out for a vacation in a log cabin that sits in a forest, they will relate more to environmental issues.

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