The Wild Spaces the Fresh Air and a Gorgeous Mountain Log Home

The Wild Spaces the Fresh Air and a Gorgeous Mountain Log Home

When you see The Wild Spaces the Fresh Air and a Gorgeous Mountain Log Home, it often inspires something in you that you can't stop thinking about. This beautiful log cabin build with its stone fireplace, dormers, rustic log style, shutters for closing up during storms, covered front porch and forest scenery make the ultimate log cabin vacation home or full-time residence to enjoy.When it comes to purchasing, building and owning a log cabin or log home, there are many steps in the process to consider. To start, you have to imagine or think about building or owning a log cabin. When you realize log home ownership is something you want and are going to do, you will have to start out by selecting a log home company to go with.

The next step in the log home building process is designing your log home. When it comes to designing your log cabin or log home, you will need to sit down and evaluate what your needs and wants in a log home are. Most of the time you can work with the log home designer on what sort of models and custom made log home plans would work best for you, and your lifestyle needs. At this point, you can ask to see log home plans to get ideas. You will want to take notes, even pages or printouts of features you like in other log homes can help, all these together will help you in making your log home design decision.

The size of the log home design you choose, is the thing that will most determine the cost of your log home or log cabin, and should probably be one of the first things you consider. What you might consider large, might be small to someone else, so this is a time when you need to be specific and figure out what you want. If you are hoping to keep your overall log cabin size to a minimum, then you will want to minimize areas of non-living space to as little as possible. This can include bathroom spaces, bedroom spaces, and garage spaces. You will also want to consider the overall flow of the log home, whether you entertain a lot, if you do, maybe an open large kitchen/dining area/living area is a good idea (a popular option in log homes). At this point it helps to speak with someone in the design or sales of the log home company you are using, so you can together get a good idea what your finished log home costs will be. It isn't until the log home plans are drawn up, can you determine what the final costs of your log home will be).

Things to consider in a log home include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the great room space, the size of the kitchen and appliances, where the fireplace will go, closets and storage spaces and the size of the logs. You will also want to think about porches and decks on your log home, an open floorplan idea, where the windows will go, electronic features in the log home and overhangs.

It may sound a bit overwhelming when you start the process of selecting and designing the log home or log cabin that you are going to build. When you go with a log home builder that you trust, you will be walked through all the necessary steps to help you on your way. Just remember to take one step at a time, do your research, and the log home building process will be a rewarding one. All the steps to building your log home are worth it, especially when your log home is finished and you are sitting on your patio looking out at the scenic views!

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