The Ultimate Way to Save Money When Building a Log Home on Your Own

The Ultimate Way to Save Money When Building a Log Home on Your Own

Natural home building at it's finest with this Log Cabin Kit, 6 x 12 Kiln Dried that can be found on none other than Ebay. That is the beauty of our technological age in our present time, we have so many amazing sources available to us for buying log building kits that can be delivered straight to our homes. Through this shop on Ebay called East Tennessee Building Supply, you can order a log home like this beautiful one you see here, for $7.50 per lineal foot. This one is not actually a log home building kit, but it will save you thousands of dollars to purchase a log home by the lineal foot than to buy a whole package. For example, through this company, you can purchase the materials to build a 24 by 30 which comes in at 970 linear feet for $7,275. Then, there is a 28 by 40 which is 1220 linear feet for $9,150 and a 30 by 50 at 1440 linear feet for $10,800. Which is significantly more than purchasing a log home package with all of the pieces ready to go. They have a minimum purchase of 1000 lineal feet and shipping is not included, which are things to keep in mind.

This East Tennessee Building Supply company also provides windows, doors, beams, siding and flooring which can be ordered at any point during your build and shipped to your land promptly. The company uses Eastern White Pine logs which are some of the most desirable types of logs to use when building a log home. Logs and wood used in building projects tends to want to be soft wood, that is easy to work with and that will work well as a cohesive unit. All of the logs they use are kiln dried, which is the best way to ensure that there will be no rotting or mold and mildew created within the log, which could impact the structural integrity of the logs themselves. They offer hand hewning which means that the logs can be hand cut or chiselled with hand tools instead of mass manufacturing tools. Many people who still like the old ways that things were done, appreciate the traditional way of hand crafting the logs. They will also include foam tape and screws with the order of logs.

East Tennessee Building Supply also sells wholesale hardwood flooring, doors, siding and more, so if you are looking for wholesale prices on wood and wood products, this is the perfect place to shop. You can totally see how beautiful the building is that was built with their logs and with the right log home floor plan you could have a home like this and save a ton of money on building supplies when you purchase it wholesale. When you are looking into building your own log home, you will find that you will want to do some shopping around first before settling on a log home package or materials. It really pays to do your research and compare the different prices you are seeing and sometimes you can even get a great deal through price comparison when you show the company you want to go with another company's lower price.

Log homes will never go out of style, and they will always be a part of our history as humans. People love the sentiment and connection they have to log homes and cabins as being a comfortable place to relax and enjoy life. Now more than ever we need a connection to the natural world in whatever way we can have it. Check out these amazing prices for log home building materials on the East Tennessee Building Supply Ebay shop and compare your prices, you might be surprised at how much you can save!

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