The Top 10 Tiny Houses

The Top 10 Tiny Houses

Just starting to explore the wonderful world of tiny houses? Well heres a good place to start, with the top 10 tiny houses of 2014. Were looking forward to the top 10 of 2015, too!

The tiny house movement is a growing social movement and its here to stay. More and more people are downsizing the amount of space they live in and are turning to tiny houses for the ideal solution. When you think about it, the average American house is approximately 2700 square feet, and the basic tiny house is up to 400 square feet or even smaller! As tiny house builders become more creative, tiny houses are now available in all sizes and shapes as youll see with these top 10 tiny house photos! The main focus is always on space saving and clever storage ideas.

Why are people joining the tiny house movement? There are many reasons, but the main ones are living a more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and simplified life.Living in a tiny house can also give you a lot more time and freedom. Consider that many North Americans are currently spending anywhere from a third to half of their annual income on their homes. Its no surprise that many are in debt, living from paycheck to paycheck, working at jobs they dislike in order to make their mortgage, maintenance, and property tax payments.

The appeal of tiny houses is that they give people the opportunity to live comfortably and exactly within their means - without going into debt. People are able to pay for their new homes either right away or within a foreseeable time frame. Maintenance for tiny houses is minimal because youre not dealing with a lot of space! In addition, tiny houses can be quite mobile, so people have more freedom to move around if they choose to. And depending on where you park your tiny house, property taxes will either be comparably small compared to that of a larger house on a larger property, or they will be nothing at all.

The tiny house movement is growing in momentum from day to day, hour to hour! Its been receiving international attention on Oprah, AP, CNN, PBS, The Guardian, the Huffington Post, and many other media outlets. People are weary of being mortgage slaves, are looking for more responsible and pro-active ways of living, and they are taking the initiative theyre moving into their new tiny houses all over the world!

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